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Two New Ultragen Flavors Now Available

The two new flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla, are available in jugs that hold fifteen servings per container.  Convenience single-serve packets will be available in approximately two weeks. Our athletes have been testing the new Ultragen flavors for a number of months now.  The overwhelming response has been “when can I get more of this?” Ultragen is the […]

Ultragen: The Science Of Recovery

It takes more than just protein and carbohydrates to fuel finely tuned athletes. Ultragen is the first endurance formula to deliver all components necessary for complete recovery in one spoon-mixable and great tasting drink. Ultragen – a complete recovery drink designed specifically for endurance athletes, formulated using only peak performing ingredients of the highest quality.  […]

Avoid GI Distress, Cramping, and Bonking – A Fueling Strategy Backed by Research

Endurance athletes often struggle with fueling strategies.  Balancing the consumption of calories, electrolytes and water can be difficult, and many athletes use a concoction of different products from different companies to try and maximize the consumption of carbohydrates, electrolytes and water. They may be doing everything right, but many times are still left with gastric […]

Ingredient in OptygenHP Shown to Improve Cycling Time to Exhaustion.

A new randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study on healthy humans proves panax noto-ginseng (not to be confused with ginseng), a key ingredient in OptygenHP, improves cycling time to exhaustion. Panax noto-ginseng , is a component of our OptyMax blend that also includes Roxa Rosburghii extract.  This powerful combination has already been established through numerous human clinical studies […]

First Endurance Partners with Mark Allen

Salt Lake City, Ut – January 6th, 2014 – First Endurance is partnering with six-time Hawaii Ironman World champion Mark Allen for 2015.   MarkAllenCoaching was founded by Mark Allen, six-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion, coach, award-winning author, and motivational speaker. He applies his 20+ years of coaching knowledge, experience, and success to help athletes to reach their […]

Why Pro Athletes Rely on First Endurance

Pro triathletes, runners and cyclists rely on the First Endurance system of product for a variety of reasons.   Learn why the First Endurance product line is so critically important to their success.  Some of their comments will surprise you. Cameron Dye “Now I realize that every pro who has a deal with a nutrition […]

How Cortisol Effects Your Weight & Stress

The Holiday Season is upon us bringing cheer, celebration, family, down time, the off-season, as well as some rest and relaxation. It’s typically a time to enjoy those rich holiday meals that can, unfortunately, lead to a bit or even a lot of weight gain. It can also be a time of year that you […]