Is Exercise Induced Inflammation Good or Bad? (part 1)

Athletes and coaches have long known that strenuous exercise causes inflammation. Many products are currently on the market that claim to limit inflammation including cryotherapy methods, NSAIDS, nutritional supplements, and compression gear. However, there is compelling evidence that exercise induced muscle inflammation can lead to performance adaptation. Recent research is leading many to question if […]

First Endurance Partners with Mark Allen

Salt Lake City, Ut – January 6th, 2014 – First Endurance is partnering with six-time Hawaii Ironman World champion Mark Allen for 2015.   MarkAllenCoaching was founded by Mark Allen, six-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion, coach, award-winning author, and motivational speaker. He applies his 20+ years of coaching knowledge, experience, and success to help athletes to reach their […]


EFS-Pro Special: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Professional Strength Endurance & Hydration Mix Maximizes Performance & Delays Fatique in the Most-Extreme Conditions Delivers 1400mg of Essential Electrolytes to Prevent Cramping No Artificial flavors or colors, Gluten-Free Professional Strength Endurance & Hydration mix The all-new EFS-Pro drink features the latest research and technology and was developed to meet the extreme requirements of professional […]

Trek Factory Racing Training Camp- Day 5

Riding with the team is like ‘hitting’ on 17 at the blackjack table. It works out once in a while but, in the long run, the odds just aren’t in your favor. We ‘busted’ today. All we knew is that the team was going to all ride together today and that they were doing  5 1/2 […]

Trek Factory Training Camp-Day 4

SPARTACUS!  This training camp is one of the only times the entire team is together the entire year.  Because of this, all the sponsors are here right now.  The guys that fit the riders on their bikes are working 24/7 to get all the riders set up on their road bikes AND tt bikes.   We […]

Trek Factory Training camp-Day 3

‘Easy‘ is a Relative Term.  Riding with  Bob Jungles, Julian Arredondo, Fabio Felline, Danny Van Poppel, Haimar Zubeldia, etc… sounds awesome on paper but is an entire different venture into the proverbial ‘pain-cave’ in reality. Especially if you’re riding in a foreign country, only know a few phrases (donde esta banyo, caffe con leche) and don’t really know […]

Trek Factory Training Camp-Day 2

  Ouch. So today we rode with two of the team doctors, Jens and Andy. Not only are they both exceptional riders, they’ve also been coming to L’Albir for training camps for years so they know the best routes. In addition, which is good and bad, is that they both love to climb- a lot. […]