Getting Faster on the TT Bike With Matt Hanson

First Endurance triathlete Matt Hanson spent some quality time in the velodrome recently in preparation for the 2015 season. Read about some of what he learned in terms of aerodynamics and efficiency: First Endurance: What translated into the single most valuable piece of data learned from your experience at the velodrome? Matt Hanson: Properly placed water bottles […]

Ketogenic diet for endurance performance: should I try it out?

By Loukia Lili-Williams, PhD Part I of II. Optimizing the body’s metabolic efficiency has been a quest for many elite endurance athletes. In a previous article, we discussed the long term (macro) adaptations in the skeletal muscle that take place after consistent and repetitive short term (micro) adaptations at the metabolic gene level (Exercise and […]

How Beta Glucan Improves Performance & Recovery

The soon-to-be-released MultiV-Pro is our first product with Beta Glucan.  This article details the clinical research and advantages of including Beta Glucan to your daily training regimen. by Dr. Donald Cox “Run faster, jump higher, get stronger” is the mantra of many serious athletes focused on improving performance. In terms of supplementation, athletes have traditionally […]

Huffman Solos to Victory!

First Endurance rider Evan Huffman (SmartStop) rode a tremendous ride to solo to victory on stage three of the Vuelta Independencia Nacional in the Dominican Republic today, picking up Team SmartStop’s first win of the 2015 season and the King of the Mountain (KOM) jersey along the way. The 177km stage started aggressively and Huffman […]