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How Digestive Enzymes Benefit Endurance Athletes

It is well established that optimal nutrition and digestion are paramount for improving athletic performance [1]. Optimal nutrition and digestion are even more important for the endurance athletes that experience frequent digestive stress due to prolonged training, racing and environmental toxicity exposure [2-4]. The nutrient digestion is a very complex process and involves participation of […]


First Endurance 2016 Running Team

With the season underway, First Endurance is proud to announce the 2016 running team consisting of seven accomplished returning athletes. Each with a unique set of goals including the 2016 Olympic marathon, ultra race victories, the world record fastest round of golf, Fastest Known Times, US Snowshoe Championships, race directing, and book launchings and each athlete depending on First […]

Jeanni Seymour IM Austin 70.3 Win

2016 First Endurance Triathlon Team Announced

First Endurance is proud to announce the 2016 triathlon team following a very successful season in which, collectively, our athletes tallied over 30 victories and 40 more podiums. We value our long lasting relationships with our athletes who we collaborate with in the development and testing of our products and who also rely on First Endurance in order […]

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Tips for Dialing in Your Cold Weather Fueling with EFS

Cold Weather Training Training and racing in cold weather is a lot different than training and racing in warm weather  so your nutrition program needs to be adjusted to reflect these variations. Veterans of cold weather activity will advise you to dress to minimize sweat.  Doing this helps you remain dry, and staying dry in cold climates […]

Lauren Goss IM 70.3 Ecuador win

How To Avoid Cramping, Bonking, And GI Distress

Endurance athletes often struggle with fueling strategies.  Balancing the consumption of calories, electrolytes and water can be difficult, and many athletes use a concoction of different products from different companies to try and maximize the consumption of carbohydrates, electrolytes and water. They may be doing everything right, but many times are still left with gastric […]