First Endurance Rider Lisa Brennauer crowned World Time Trial Champion

  First Endurance rider Lisa Brennauer (Specialized-lululemon) took the win in the individual time trial event earning the rainbow stripes jersey and another world title. Teammates Evelyn Stevens, Karol Ann Canuel and Trixi Worrack all placed in the top ten. “It will take a while to sink in,” she Brennauer. “I thought I could have a […]


What’s The Most Common Race-Day Fueling Mistake?

We were recently interview by LAVA Magazine.  They asked a number of great questions, with this one being the best: LAVA: Despite all of the endurance fueling research out there today, what common fueling mistakes do you continue to see athletes making, and what is your number one piece of advice for athletes trying to […]

Optygen at 19,000 feet!

‘I’ve been using Optygen from First Endurance for at least 5 or 6 years for bike racing. I looked at the ingredients and thought that it might work well for my mountain guiding at very high elevations. I guided 3 groups up Kilimanjaro last summer and the Optygen worked great until the last trip up and I […]


How Pre and Pro Biotics Improve Your Performance

Distance runners, competitive cyclists, elite triathletes or any other kind of endurance athletes require a vast amount of caloric intake to maintain optimal hydration and energy levels.  This alone puts a lot of stress in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  On top of that, quite frequently during training or racing, endurance athletes may experience GI problems. […]