Tips for Dialing in Your Cold Weather Fueling for Optimal Performance

  Cold Weather Training Training and racing in cold weather is a lot different than training and racing in warm weather  so your nutrition program needs to be adjusted to reflect these temperature differences. Veterans of cold weather activity will advise you to dress to minimize sweat.  Doing this helps you remain dry, and staying dry in […]


CLINICALLY PROVEN TO MAKE YOU FASTER PreRace is formulated to improve power and focus providing a clear advantage during short fast racing like cyclocross or a 5k run.   Many athletes, however, rely on PreRace for long distance racing to assure they can finish strong.   It is during long distance efforts where focus and power becomes compromised […]

Ultragen: The Science Of Endurance Recovery

It takes more than just protein and carbohydrates to fuel finely tuned athletes. Ultragen is the first endurance formula to deliver all components necessary for complete recovery in one spoon-mixable and great tasting drink. Ultragen  is a complete recovery drink designed specifically for endurance athletes, formulated using only peak performing ingredients of the highest quality.  Ultragen has […]

Proven Tips & Tricks for Fueling on HOT Days

Training and racing in cold weather is significantly different than training and racing in hot weather, correspondingly your nutrition program needs to be adjusted to reflect these variations. More specifically, you should pay close attention to how much you are sweating during hot weather training. In very arid environments (like in Arizona and Utah) your […]

How Pre and Pro Biotics Improve Your Performance

Endurance athletes require a vast amount of caloric intake in order to maintain optimal hydration and energy levels.  This alone puts a lot of stress in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. To complicate matters further, prolonged and intense training and racing may cause additional GI difficulties including stomach aches and cramps, bloating, acid reflux and diarrhea. […]