EFS Reviewed: “The Most Potent Sports Drink”

Check out this in-depth review on EFS drinks and liquid shots and learn why they say it’s the best endurance nutrition available.

By Tom Demerly for TriSports.com

There are few absolutes in sports nutrition except this is one: First Endurance EFS has more electrolytes per serving than any sports drink.

You use a sports drink during training and racing for three reasons: Hydration, calories and electrolytes. While the principles of sports nutrition are simple, the practice is more complex. Some athletes make it so complex they use a “cocktail” of products during an event that is logistically complex and stressful to the digestive system.

If one nutritional product could combine purposes and replace the need for three or four additional products it would simplify race logistics, reduce the amount of products you need to buy, mix and carry and avoid problems with product interaction and gastric distress. First Endurance EFS is a candidate for that multi-role nutritional product. It provides enough electrolytes to replace electrolyte supplementation and delivers adequate calories and fluid to almost completely reduce the need for other calorie sources.

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