Why Pro Athletes Rely on First Endurance

Pro triathletes, runners and cyclists rely on the First Endurance system of product for a variety of reasons.   Learn why the First Endurance product line is so critically important to their success.  Some of their comments will surprise you.
Cameron DyeCAMDYE

“Now I realize that every pro who has a deal with a nutrition company has the same response, but the difference is that I actually use all of the FE products, and more importantly don’t have to go anywhere else to get something I need.”

Michael LovatoLovato_M

“But instead of focus on all of that good stuff, I’m sticking with a more simple answer to the question.

I choose First Endurance for the gear.”

Jordan RappRappWinsWorldsREV2
“I want to talk about things that have nothing to do with the products that First Endurance makes, and everything to do with something that rarely gets talked about – the business side of being a professional triathlete.” 

Heather and Trevor Wurtelewurtele1
“It’s funny to me how people think that since you’re a professional athlete, this means that you’ve always had it all figured out.  You’ve trained properly since you were a fetus, and always known how to best fuel in races. To that I simply have to say:  ha ha ha ha ha ha…  cough cough, sorry I was laughing too hard.”

Krissy MoehlKrissy-Moehl-UTMB-Vasque-Mindbender
“Personally I am going on 10 years of using First Endurance products.  To be Speedgoat honest – it is no secret that there are other products that I train and race with.  Everyone realizes that when we are out there for hours and hours a little variety is helpful and encouraged.”

Luke NelsonLukeNelson_cropped
“The demands I place on my body are high.  I ask; no, I require, that it gets up early, runs, works all day, runs again, lifts, and plays with my girls before I allow it to sleep prior to starting again the next day. My body is required to run far, fast, and on difficult terrain.” 

2 responses to “Why Pro Athletes Rely on First Endurance”

  1. Gaby Fishpaw says:

    Great to read the pro athletes’ stories and perspectives! And, they all have a common theme: product quality, owners’ interest in constantly improving product and their never-ending support of the athletes. I couldn’t agree more! While I am not a pro, I do like to train and keep as active as possible. Presently my activity of choice is running mid distance to marathon. I use FE products when I train for long runs (EFS drink mix in lemon-lime or grape and EFS liquid shot in vanilla) and when I want a good recovery product for anytime (Ultragen in cappuccino). The products are simple to use and taste great. Keep up the great work First Endurance!

  2. Eva says:

    I have been drinking EFS during the past 2 years and I really feel the energy and less fatigue after training

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