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A viable nutrition plan is vital to daily life and race-day performance. Beginning in the late fall of 2009, I started using First Endurance as my ‘go-to’ nutritional products for supplementation. I’ve become increasingly aware of just how good I feel when fueling properly, and First Endurance is to thank for that! Thank you First Endurance! I use four different products on a regular basis: OptygenHP, MultiV, Ultragen, and EFS drink. Here’s a brief snapshot of how I use these awesome products:

1. MultiV – I take the suggested dosage of three tablets per day. Also, I tend to take MultiV year-round, as I consider it integral to my daily health and wellness. In particular, the form of Iron in this product is helpful in staving off any possible ‘mild’ anemia. I’m psyched to be on this fantastic multivitamin that I take with breakfast every morning.

2. OptygenHP – I take this product diligently for at least two 12-week cycles per year. These cycles tend to fall in line with my high volume training periods. I have noticed a positive impact from the chromium with regards to stabilizing my blood sugar levels. Of course, my ability to perform at altitude has been enhanced by OptygenHP as well, and I’ll be experimenting in 2013 with doubling-up my dosage for short periods of time immediately prior to my high-altitude races. I take this product (the recommended serving of 4 capsules) with breakfast.

3. Ultragen – Recovery is vital for consistent performance. Although I generally follow a low carbohydrate diet, I know I need REAL replenishment from my hard training. I use Ultragen two or three times per week after my hard or long training sessions. I notice a significant impact from the 60 grams of carbohydrates per serving and the micronutrient profile as well. A GO-TO product that I couldn’t live without. Also? I absolutely love the single-serve packets.

4. EFS Drink – Electrolytes and taste are so important to me, and EFS provides both in abundance. I love the FULL profile and high level of electrolytes. Generally speaking, I gravitate towards the Grape flavor but love the taste of all the options. During races and long training endeavors, I aim for 20oz of EFS drink per hour, mixed at full strength. In addition, I consume 20oz of plain water per hour.

This is obviously just a brief sketch of my approach to nutrition, but First Endurance is absolutely a necessary component to my longevity and success. Here’s to fueling well. Best of luck out there everyone! Thanks for reading. Live well. Be well. DC.

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  1. kevinlreed says:

    Good Luck Robert!  After over 10 years of triathlons and 8 IM’s I have gone the other way a little bit, dedicating a little more time to my family and my career and a little less to myself.  I started out as a runner and that is what I feel passionate about now.  I will race throughout the year, 5K’s to the marathon and will continue to push myself.  I have refocused my athletic and competitive goals and feel fulfilled pursuing them.  

    I am glad that you have the opportunity to give IM a shot and I wish you the best of luck.  I’ll keep tuned in and share some advice or experience if I think that it would be helpful and of course there are a ton of other great athletes on here to keep you going! 

    Good Luck!


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