Meet the Winner of the Sponsorship Contest

You’re probably all wondering who ended up winning the First Endurance Sponsorship Contest.  His name is Aidan Mouellic and he got 1497 votes for his entry.  For submitting the entry that got the most votes, Aidan won a year-supply of First Endurance that’s worth over $4000.

After we told Aidan he won, he sent us this awesome response:


“Thank you so much! Super super stoked! I so needed to start 2013 off right after having a highly tumultuous 2012 due to my accident. I have attached a photo (I have some gorier ones too if ya want to see…) from when I got out of the hospital and had my lovely family come cheer me up.  The insurance corporation in British Columbia had a hospital bed installed in the house so that I could get out of hospital faster, going upstairs to my room was too tricky. I never thought I would be where I am today, Things have progressed so well –  sure I have some sore leg days and I cannot run hard just yet, but things are looking bright since I am finally able to do long rides now –  so this news from you could not have come at a better time!  Thanks so much and happy new years” -Aidan Mouellic

Please comment below and tell us if you liked the contest and if you would enter another one.  If you have an idea of what type of contest to run next, we’d love to hear about it!

And hear’s his winning entry:


“I love cycling like everyone else here, but I almost lost the ability to ride. Eight months ago I was in a pretty bad accident while riding a Vespa scooter, a car cut me off and I t-boned it. My left leg took most of the impact and the top of my tibia shattered like a mug dropping on a floor. I was rushed to hospital via ambulance and had surgery to literally rebuild my lower leg. I had four very large (cigarette sized) screws in my knee and three smaller ones, as well as a plate running down my shin bone. My fibula also had to be reattached to the knee joint and a lot of tendons and menisci were torn up – to sum it all up, my leg went through the ringer, my surgeon used more coarse language to describe it.”

“I didn’t know if I would ride again but I was hopeful. I was on crutches for close to three months and used a cane for a short while as well, the whole time my leg was losing muscle faster than seniors lose quarters in a casino. I have also gained too much weight since being inactive for so long, no longer a lithe climber.

“All was going well and I was able to ride my trainer for a short period, albeit with hairy legs, when I noticed that my knee was getting more painful and swollen. It got infected. Rushed back for emergency surgery to remove the metal hardware inside the joint and remove infected tissue and bone. I was put on antibiotics for six weeks, delivered directly to my heart through a 50cm long catheter inserted in my arm. I ended the antibiotics a couple weeks ago and am back on the bike doing short rides and feeling pretty strong.

“I missed riding and am more determined than ever to race again, and I know I will. As a college student, I am already financially disadvantaged than most but the accident and antibiotics therapy left me unable to work, Im looking for work again now but I am broke! I can do longer rides but cannot afford the drink and energy supplements I need.

“Having First Endurance sponsor me will help me get back out on the bike , recover from my accident and race again.”

11 responses to “Meet the Winner of the Sponsorship Contest”

  1. Wilson Tran says:

    Congrats Aidan !

  2. Aidan Mouellic says:

    Thanks Wilson! Hope to ride with you again soon!

  3. Mike Rothengatter says:

    Congrats Aidan!

  4. Aidan Mouellic says:

    Thanks Mike, hopefully be at the track soon!

  5. John Collier says:

    Awesome!!! :-)

  6. Franklin1221 says:

    I’ve have a question about EFS.  I use another product and have for years that I’ve been quite happy with, but I saw your product EFS which is very similiar to what I’ve been using and thought I give it a try.  My question is, on the nutrition label, your first ingredient islist as “complex carbohydrates”  then dextrose, then surcrose.  Being in the medical field, I know that dextrose is the most earily assimilated sugar available (which is in our IV soulution for patients).  My current energy drink uses “dextrose” as it’s first ingredient. 
    What is your sugar source, labeled “complex carbohydrate” in EFS.
    Thank you,

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