PreRace Reviewed

prerace_bothCheck out the latest PreRace review that was done by New Zealand Road Cyclist:

Felt like I was having a great session as time went on.

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One response to “PreRace Reviewed”

  1. Anybody who used, or uses Pre-race can probably agree on this. When using PreRace – you can feel like you’re in a tunnel, and able to focus on numbers, effort, and the complete workout and/or race.
    This can’t be achieved by taking only Guarana – commonly use in any caffeine products. There is something about the mixture of PreRace that gives this products a kick – while worth trying.
    Suggestive use (if you don’t have your own formula yet)
    Pre-workout 3/4 scoop w/either OJ or a Grapefruit juice – just to kill the taste.
    During a workout – either mixed w/your sport drink or if capsules – take about every 2hrs 2-3 of them or finish your bottle w/1 scoop in 2hrs.
    For people more sensitive to higher caffeine amounts – use either FE liquid shots or something solid before taking.

    Enjoy the “tunnel” ride!

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