The New Fuel Rules – Triathlete Magazine Feature Article

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How The Pros Fuel

The latest Triathlete Magazine talked to our athletes Heather Wurtele and Cameron Dye about their customized Ironman fueling plans.

By Julia Beeson Polloreno

Cover_Nov_TriathleteSmart fueling can make the difference between gutting it out through tough workouts and actually enjoying your training and seeing a solid fitness progression instead of digging yourself into an overtraining hole. And you can swim, cycle and run to achieve race-ready form, but if you don’t have your nutrition dialed on the day, all that work and sacrifice could be wasted on an epic bonk.

With so many nutritional products out there—pills, powders, chews, gels, beans, bars, drinks and more—choosing the right nutritional protocol for your training and racing can be tricky business. We spoke with nutritional experts and professional athletes to present some simple guidelines and rules for triathletes looking to stay healthy, get stronger and gain a competitive edge. Plus, we look at First Endurance, a “health company” fueling some of the sport’s biggest success stories…

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  1. Gaby Fishpaw says:

    Good commentary Robert. Way to go First Endurance!

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