Many consider Karl as the best ultrarunner ever.  He’s raced in over 100 ultras and has won more 100-mile races than anyone- fifty-four and counting, if you’re keeping track.   He’s won the ‘Hardrock 100’ five times and the ‘Wasatch Front 100’ six times.  Karl has also run the 2,184-mile Appalachian Trail as well as the 2,064 miles Pony Express trail.

1. What’s your favorite TV show ( and why)?  Seinfeld and M.A.S.H. Seinfeld never gets old and is very true to life.  Mash is comedy, but with the war, it give a real perspective on what it could have been like.

2.  What’s your worst travel experience?  Flying home from Geneva, after UTMB, Cheryl and I both got food poisoning from eating Sushi with Scott Jurek the day before we left.  By the time we got to Denver, Cheryl was puking violently, I was shitting for 4 days…

3.  What do you like to do when you’re not riding/running/swimming?  Play golf, backpacking, or hang out at the luge run.

4.  What’s the most embarrassing music you listen to?  Some country my wife put on my ipod. I do like the banjo parts, which is why it’ss still on there.

5.  What’s the last thing you Googled?  Karl Meltzer, checking up on myself.

6.  What’s your favorite place in the world (and why)?  Running wise, anywhere in Switzerland is awesome, Chamonix.  Otherwise, any place really with big mountains and clean air.

7.  What’s the worst advise you’ve ever heard?  Lube my feet before I run 100 miles.

8.  What sport are you the worst at?  Swimming

9.  What’s your favorite book?  It hasn’t been written yet, but it’s coming.

10.  What’s your least-favorite food?  Mayonnaise, and Sour Cream

11.  What’s your worst habit?   Nose picking, not  in public of course.

12.  How does your training change in the weeks leading up your most-important race (and what is the race)?  I just run on feel and let my body tell me how far to run, but of course, I back of mileage and rest more. Last year it was the Run Rabbit Run 100.

13.  Tell us about your nutrition program:  During a race, I primarily suck down liquid shots like they’re the last thing on earth. I usually only drink water in case any stomach issues arise. I always use Ultragen at the end of runs, and sometimes during longer 100s to actually help recover as I proceed.

My full nutrition program

14.  If you had to pick only one First Endurance product to use, which one would it be?  Ultragen is worth more than gold. It’s an amazing recovery drink, something I crave after every run. I still find it amazing how after running 20+ miles, I can have a glass and continue on with my day. There is simply nothing better out there.

16.  What’s your favorite flavor between the EFS Liquid Shots, Ultragen and EFS drink mixes?  Shots:  Berry flavor.  Ultragen:  Creamsicle, but nice to always mix it up. EFS drink:  grape

17.  What’s your plan, nutritionally, when you’re starting to feel a bonk coming on?  Just eat more liquid shot…..love the liquid shots.  It kicks in within minutes, and I’m back to normal. The idea is to use them like an IV drip and never bonk.

18.  What’s been the highlight of your 2012 season?  Winning $11,000 at the Run Rabbit Run 100, where I schooled a stacked field.

19.  Can you tell us something about you that your fans do not know about?  I drink too much beer, but I think a lot of people may know that. Many folks that don’t know me, may not realize I am just like everyone else, just an athlete who enjoys running far.