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First Endurance is pleased to announce Zana Buttermore-Baca won one of the four of the $4000 sponsorships being given away to celebrate the 10th anniversary of First Endurance.  Zana’s a pro triathlete out of Colorado and has been swimming competitively since the age of six.

“I have always loved being  in and around sports. I fell in love with triathlons when I competed in my first Olympic size triathlon in March of 2009.  Since then I have obtained my professional triathlete license and this will be my second year competing in the pro division. It is a struggle to purchase nutrition that sustains my training lifestyle” noted Buttermore-Baca.   “I am grateful for winning this sponsorship with 1st Endurance! I love the Lemon-Lime EFS flavor and am eager to try the three other flavors! This will greatly help me with my aspirations and goals! Thank you!”




Here’s what Zana won:

-10 bottles OptygenHP
-12 bottles MultV
-20 Bottles EFS drink mix (mixed flavors)
-15 bottles Ultragen (mixed flavors)
-24 trays of EFS Liquid Shot (mixed flavors)
-5 bottles PreRace Powder
-5 bottles PreRace capsules
-1 First Endurance ‘trucker’ hat
-1 First Endurance Visor
-1 First Endurance t-shirt
-12 First Endurance water bottles
We’ll be giving away three more $4000 sponsorships in the coming weeks.  Make sure to sign up to get your chance to win.