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First Endurance is proud to announce the 2009 Triathlon Team.  All members will be using the entire First Endurance system of products for their training and racing.   We have a dynamic collaboration with the First Endurance triathletes which allows our Research and Development team to continue to push the limits of endurance performance. Pro Triathletes like Xterra National Champion Seth Wealing, Ironman National Champions Michael Lovato & Heather Gollnick and 70.3 World Champion Joanna Zeiger rely on First Endurance in order to get the most out of their grueling workouts and race schedules.


Justin Park:  1st Year Pro focusing on 70.3 distance. 1st at White Lake Half Ironman, 1st at MAP Triathlon

Andrew Yoder: 19 year old Pro, 1st at Wilkes Barre Triathlon, 2nd at Columbia, 2nd at Philadelphia 

Heather Gollnick: 5X Ironman Champion, 2008 Ironman Pro National Champion

Amanda Lovato: 2008 MedExpress Mountaineer 1/2 Iron Distance Champion

Michael Lovato: 3X Ironman Champion, 2008 Ironman Pro National Champion

Seth Wealing: 2X Xterra US National Champion

Josiah Middaugh: 3X Xterrra US National Champion & 5X US National Snowshoe Champion

Ryan Ignatz: Xterra & Mountainbike Pro

Sarah Haskins: US Olympian, 1st at 2008 Miami International, 1st at St. Anthony’s Triathlon

Julie Swail-Ertel: US Olympian, 2008 US National Champion, Six First Place finishes in 2008

Joanna Zeiger: 2008 70.3 World Champion, Six First Place finishes in 2008

Rebecca Witnok-Huber: 1st Year Pro focusing on 70.3 and Ironman distance

Donna Phelan: 2nd at 2008 Ironman China


Below is some feedback from a few of our athletes.

“First Endurance products have been a large part of my development. I truly believe in the products and what they can do for your training and racing. I will continue to use First Endurance products in the future because they allow me to get the most out of triathlon.”  

Andrew Yoder

“I began using First Endurance products and after a couple weeks was surprised to have immediate results.  I used the Ultragen recovery drink post workouts and the Multi-V vitamins pre-workouts, and felt much more recovered than normal the following day.  I was ready to have another quality training day again and very pleased with how my body was responding to the supplements.”

Sarah Haskins

“Out of all the various recovery drinks on the market, I can really feel the difference with Ultragen.  I feel like it really perks me up and allows me to be ready for the next day. The flavors are really good as well.” 

Ryan Ignatz

“I started taking the Multi-V in March 2008 in an attempt to raise my ferratin levels.  I had a hard month of training in January and my the qualtity of my workouts began deteriorating, presumably due to low ferratin levels.  I liked that I got a complete vitamin in one product rather than having to take many different vitamins and minerals to meet my nutritional needs.  After seeing good results, including winning the Olympic Trials 7 weeks after I began to take Multi-V, I can see that it is a vital part of my training. “

Julie Swail-Ertel 

“I have to tell you that I continue to be amazed at how great my recovery has been lately.  I have gotten four good weeks of training in, since returning from my wedding/ honeymoon break, and I am surprised at how much volume I have been able to get in.  I truly feel that the FE products are a VERY big part of the reason, as I’ve not even been getting as much sleep as I ususally do!  (I’m like a bear in hybernation normally!)  Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m very excited to begin ramping up the intensity to see how I respond.” Michael Lovato