We started First Endurance in 2002 because endurance athletes weren’t getting the nutrition they deserved. Like you, we had struggled with bonking, cramping and having to ‘make deals with ourselves’ to get across the finish line or even just to make it home. We saw our friends dealing with the same dilemmas and knew endurance nutrition could be better.

The idea was simple. We wanted to give serious endurance athletes access to formulas that are developed for one specific reason – to maximize endurance performance.

We spared no expense in developing the ultimate endurance formulations. All First Endurance products use the amounts of ingredients that have been shown in clinical research (on endurance athletes) to elicit the desired response.

Only when we are 100% satisfied that these standards are met, do we offer the products to you.


First Endurance offers everything an endurance athlete needs to maximize endurance and performance.  We designed it to work as a complete endurance system. Each product has a specific purpose and complements the others.

With First Endurance, there’s no more guesswork.


 Everyone who works at First Endurance races. We spend a lot of time packed in a car driving to early-season races (hopefully in warmer climates) and have stayed in more grungy hotels than we care to remember.

We race when it’s below freezing or raining sideways.

We hang around the hotel after a race wondering when we’ll get the feeling back in our feet.

We know what it’s like to chase a breakaway for an hour just to get a flat once we finally bridge the gap.

Most importantly – we know what it takes to win races, when everything works out just right. We understand the work ethic, sacrifices, and dedication that goes into every victory.


 First Endurance is committed to advancing the state of the art. First Endurance’s competitive strategy is based on having the best, patentable, formulations, technologies and delivery systems available.

The Ultimate Testing Ground

 We’re relentless in our efforts to stay at the forefront of endurance performance. We have a dynamic alliance with our athletes and solicit constant feedback to ensure we’re providing the absolute best, scientifically validated, endurance nutrition.

Our collaboration with these amazing athletes allows the experts on our Research and Development team to continue to push the limits of endurance. This commitment to excellence allows athletes to push the limits of their potential.

Commitment to Research

 Research is the most important value at First Endurance. We are driven by a desire to ensure our products are proven to enhance endurance performance and have scientific validation.

At First Endurance, we refuse to reduce costs by using “pixie dust” amounts of ingredients just to dress up the label. Our formulations utilize the same levels (sometimes more) of the active ingredients that were used in the actual human scientific research. We are meticulous about research and go out of our way to make sure we have addressed each of our stringent requirements. All products that First Endurance develops are based on human scientific research.

One of the things that set First Endurance apart is our Endurance Research Board (ERB), a unique team of scientists who are also passionate runners, cyclists, triathletes and nordic skiers. The ERB collaborates with First Endurance to continue developing the most advanced endurance nutrition products available. What sets this team of scientists apart from all others is that, in addition to being scientists, they are all elite endurance athletes who are constantly looking for ways to take racing and training to the next level. This dynamic alliance allows First Endurance to push the limits of endurance performance.

Commitment to Quality

 First Endurance uses only the finest ingredients and follows stringent quality control. Supplements can be easily ruined. Even if you buy the right ingredients, they can degrade quickly and loose their efficacy if they aren’t handled under the most stringent controls.

We are determined to ensure nothing goes wrong with any step of the way. For example, OPTYGEN is packaged in an amber glass bottle and utilizes colored capsules to reduce UV light, oxygen and moisture degradation, ensuring the highest quality, potency, and purity. Focus- At First Endurance, we are centered on endurance performance.

Because we only focus on developing high-performance endurance formulations, we are the best at what we do.