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Just thought I’d give a few words of praise for Optygen…

I am on the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team and since starting to use Optygen in May, I have increased the volume and intensity of my training significantly. I have found that I have been able to recover much quicker from long runs and quality workouts.

I have to admit that I was a little surprised initially and had planned to build more recovery into my training, but then found that I didn’t need it as much while using Optygen.

In the past, I have struggled with illness from my body not being able fully recover from my training, but I firmly believe that while using Optygen, I have been able to stay much healthier, run more and recover quicker.

I thrilled that I have had my best summer of racing so far with a win at the Finger Lakes 50miler and a second place finish at Haliburton 100mile (I was 50mins faster than last year, and beat the previous course record). Thanks!

Derrick Spafford


I just completed Ironman Louisville (my first ironman) and was able to race well enough to get an Ironman World Championship qualifying slot. I was 37th out of approximately 2500 athletes (including pros and amateurs). Excluding the pros I was 15th overall out of the 2388 amateur athletes.

I now have 5 1/2 weeks until Kona (Ironman World Championships). That does not leave me a lot of time to make all the arrangements.

I have been using MultiV, OptygenHP, Ultragen, and Pre-race regularly. Secondly, I am hoping that First Endurance might be able to help me with some of my expenses for the Kona trip. Any assistance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated as every little bit helps. Please let me know if First Endurance can offer any assistance.

Charles Kemeny

FYI – 5 wins at USRowing Masters Nationals… had eight 1K races over 3 days, 95dg heat.  Lots of EFS & PreRace for last 2 races, which were 40min apart.  Felt great during final sprints



From Olympian Sarah Haskins.  Here is the nutrition I prefer to use going into my Olympic Distance and ITU races.
½ of EFS bar 90 min before race start
1 liquid shot 10 min prior to race start
24 oz of EFS (prototype Grape flavor)
1 liquid shot towards the end of the bike

i will continue testing out new EFS prototypes which I used for the race and worked well.
As far as taste:  Lemon is my favorite, ( 2)Grape,  (3) Fruit Punch, and Nate and I both agree that we don’t really like the taste of orange—  I like to drink the new lemon with just 1/2 a scoop when traveling or just hanging out before a race.   I also like the “light” taste of grape.

Sarah Haskins


Take this for what it’s worth.  I do consider it an endorsement, want nothing for it other than to let you know about a success achieved with your product.

My brother and I completed the crossing of Britain on the 15th of August in 8 days, 10 hours.  It was 902 miles and, for my category (arm-powered), a new record by more than 8 days and 12 hours.  My brother rode along on his hybrid every mile and we had an ambulance, team van, and team of 6 in support.  We are trying to get the WR part of it certified with the British Road Records Association and possibly Guinness (either the book or the beer…don’t care).  It was a truly grueling event, the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted or completed and, compared to the average lunatic running around out there, I’ve done a lot of difficult things (not the least of which from my campaign).  We essentially averaged 2:40 for more than 34 marathons in that pe! riod.  Some of the terrain I will never forget.

I took a goodly number of supplements but, after discussion with my brother, we think that OptyGen was what really kept us going.  I have no other way to explain climbing continuously under only arm-power for 45 minutes in the lowest gear, not knowing if each crank would be my last, then getting to the summit and being able to speed on after a short (less than one minute recovery).  My heartrate ran unusually low despite the efforts.  I think the best evidence of this was on day 7 when the wheelchair broke and I took a 2.5 hour break.  I had been operating over hilly Scottish terrain for 8 hours in rain and cold and was absolutely fried.  I got into a hot bath while the team worked on my bike and while in the bath, I coaxed my RHR down to less than 60.  Keep in mind my RHR upon exiting the hospital barely 2 months earlier was over 90.  For the record, I didn’t use the HP version on the ride, but did do! uble-dose, three in the AM and three in the evening with some nitrox, fish, milk and aminos.  Despite fatigue of the highest order each morning, I was usually into my stride with an hour and we seldom spent less than 10 hours on the road, VERY little of which was easy terrain.  We averaged 25mph over the last 16 miles…but that was only because I was running on pure adrenaline and the scent of the finish line.

Rick Ryan


I am the new Long Point, OT to Freeport Beach , PA record holder with a time of 11:23. The record was broken by exactly 30 minutes with the former holder there to witness. The swim was great except for the 2-4 foot waives the entire crossing.

Hey, the First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot was great.  I took it on the hour and my strength was did not waiver the entire swim.  Not a single cramp in my Arms and Shoulders.

Thanks for the advice!