Calum Neff

Race Highlights

Guinness WR Half & Full Marathon Pushing a Stroller
Canadian National Mountain Ultra Trail Running Team
Creemore Vertical Challenge 50km CR
Brazos Bend 50km 3:09 CR

I was introduced to First Endurance from an old college team-mate as we were both getting into trail running and interested (and scared) of trying an ultra marathon. I knew I needed a great nutrition plan that was also simple to carry. EFS fit everything I was looking for in refilling my electrolytes and refueling my calories while being easy to pack through the mountains. Within a year I went from being a low-mileage competitive miler to having one of the best days of my life during The Canadian Death Race, a 125km race through the Canadian Rockies with 17,000-ft of climbing and descending. My first real ultra went so perfect in large part due to my nutrition of EFS constantly throughout the 14 hour race. I continued to use EFS, and introduced Ultragen protein and the Optygen supplement, into all my races including down to the one mile event continuing to have great success.



One Mile to Half Marathon Nutrition Plan:

Day Before: Continue taking Optygen as recommended. Sipping on EFS Drink constantly through the day leading up to one hour before the race. Ultragen after each activity, one for breakfast (Cappuccino) and one for dessert (Chocolate).
During Race: Usually nothing unless I’m pushing the stroller for 5km or longer I will carry EFS Drink (Lemon Lime). During a half marathon I usually add an EFS Liquid Shot around 30-40 minutes into the race.
Finish Line: Protein (Ultragen Chocolate) as fast as I can get it. I’m always shocked by all the races that have ZERO protein option at the finish line, even major marathons. I always have my next race in mind and usually the very next weekend so the recovery has to begin right away. The rare cases I find a chocolate milk I will still mix in my Ultragen for extra protein. The single-serve pouches are always in my gear bag.

Marathon & Ultra Marathon Nutrition Plan:

Week Before: I have had good success with reducing my carbohydrate intake from days 7-3 before the race. I will continue with my Ultragen recovery drinks especially after exercise and one EFS Drink for my final workout usually 5 days before the race but that is the extent of my carbohydrate intake that week. Three days before I re-introduce carbohydrates and increase my electrolyte intake both through my day-to-day diet but enhanced by sipping on EFS Drink throughout the day. I continue to take the Optygen as recommended.
During Race: I will have one EFS Drink in the morning until one hour before in which case I limit the amount of liquid. In the marathon I will usually take a gulp of EFS about every 5km where as in an ultra marathon I am constantly sipping to comfort level throughout the race. I also add in an EFS Liquid Shot every 30-45 minutes. During an ultra I will usually take in other forms of carbohydrate from aid stations each hour and will also supplement with a salt pill every 90 minutes or depending on how I feel. I like to keep one or two bottles dedicated to EFS Drink and my hydration bladder for water only to help keep track of my hydration and make any solution to water ratio adjustments based on how I am feeling.
Finish Line: Pizza and Beer (oh, and some Utlragen)!