Danielle Mack


Race Highlights

2016 IM Taiwan 1st
2015 IM Canada 1st
2014 IM Boulder 1st
3 Time Age Group World Champion
2012 USAT Amateur Triathlete of the Year

First Endurance is the cutting edge in endurance sports nutrition. The whole product line allows for athletes to optimize their potential. We all know that proper nutrition is a fundamental pillar for success in all sports, but especially triathlon!

I love first endurance because they have crafted well-balanced products that are easy for me to digest. They also provide me with the energy, stamina, and strength to push hard in training sessions and allow me to give it everything I have come race day!



My Ironman Nutrition Plan

Race Week Tips:
Salt food more then normal
Hydrate with EFS to keep electrolyte balance high
Drink Ultragen after training sessions for proper recovery
Hydrate with lots of water

Pre Race Dinner:  
Quinoa with chicken

Race Day
Peanut butter and jelly on gluten free toast
A handful of Cashews
Several glasses of water

Swim Nutrition:
On the way to T1 and while preparing for the race I will have a bottle of EFS to sip on and two ‘water only’ bottles to sip on as well.
20 minutes before the start of the race I will take one sip of Liquid Shot and some water.

Bike Nutrition:
4 bottles of (5 scoops) EFS PRO with 2 salt tablets
(8 total salt tablets)
2 Liquid Shot flasks
2-4 water bottles

Right as I get on the bike, I will take another sip of Liquid Shot and drink water for the first 15 minutes. Then every 15 minutes, I will take a drink of EFS PRO with salt tablets. Every 30 minutes, I will take a sip of Liquid Shot followed by water. I will drink water in-between all the timed nutrition intervals.

Run Nutrition:
The run, I will carry with me a Liquid Shot, which I will sip on every mile. I will grab a new Liquid Shot flask in my Run Special Needs bag at the halfway point. I will take salt tablets every 3 miles on the run, if needed.

I also will place Pre Race in my Run Special Needs bag just in case I need it. I will take up to 3 tablets with 10k to go in the marathon. I will drink tons of water at each of the aid stations on the run and even slow down a little to make sure I get properly hydrated. In the last 10k, I will drink water and soda.