Darcy Piceu

Race Highlights

2018 Rhonda Del Cims (Andorra) 1st
2017 FKT John Muir Trail
2016 Bigfoot 120M 1st (OA)
2016 Wasatch 100 1st
2014 3 Days of Syllamo 1st

First Endurance has been a huge part of my running over the years. With the best recovery and training products, my body is able to endure intense training weeks and 100 mile races. Often times when I am out on a long training run, I crave my post-run Cappuccino-flavored Ultragen. It has allowed me to train and race at a professional level by helping me recover more quickly. The EFS electrolyte replacement drink is the only product I have found over the years that replaces lost electrolytes and keeps my stomach intact.



100 Mile Nutrition Plan:

Day Before:  I try not to change much in my diet before a race.  I stick with foods that my body is used to.

For example,
Breakfast:  Oatmeal, banana, coffee, orange juice (4 optygen)
Lunch: Tortilla wrap sandwich(cheese, tofu, lettuce, tomato, etc..) + chips and maybe salad
Dinner: Whole Wheat pasta with red sauce made with Gimme Lean (meat substitute) plus a salad and bread

Bowl of oatmeal(instant oatmeal you can easily travel with-2 packets), banana, cup of coffee, water, 3 Optygen

During Race: 
Carry 1 bottle of EFS and 1 bottle of water throughout the race

Have Optygen on hand and take generally later in the race beyond the 50 mile marker ( I especially like to take it during high altitude races)

Carry Mocha shots, 1 bar, & honey stinger chews (approx. 200-300 calories per hour)

Aid Stations:

Generally I choose between the following:
-pre-made tortilla and avocado wraps, and PB&J sandwiches
-potato chips
-fruit (bananas, watermelon, oranges)
-potatoes in salt

At night:

-vegetarian ramen soup
– + All of the above

Halfway point:

I pre-make a bottle of Ultragen and drink it around mile 50 or 60.

Finish line:
The first thing I do when I finish a race is grab my bottle of Ultragen! (Cappucino flavor is best!)