Heather Wurtele

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 150 lbs
  • 6 time IRONMAN Champion
  • 24 time IRONMAN 70.3 Champion
  • 2017 ITU Long Distance Tri World Championships 3rd
  • 2016 IM 70.3 World Championships 3rd
  • 2016 IM 70.3 N.American Champion
  • 2015 IM 70.3 World Championships 2nd
  • 2015 IM 70.3 N.American Champion
  • 2014 IM 70.3 World Championships 3rd

Why First Endurance?

I simply couldn’t train as hard as I do, day in and day out, without the whole First Endurance Product line. I know that I am fueling, hydrating, and recovering well.

On race day, I know that my nutrition is working for me, not against me, and my results have been better, and more consistent because of it.

My Nutrition Plan

My Ironman Nutrition Plan

Day Before the Race:

I tend not to deviate too much from a regular day, although I avoid uncooked foods and try to lower my fibre intake a bit (fewer raw fruits and veggies than normal). If it is going to be a very hot race I will salt load by drinking V8 juice, adding sea salt to food, taking salt tablets and more EFS electrolyte drinks etc.

Breakfast – Gluten Free cereal with banana, hemp seeds and almond milk.  Bottle of Ultragen.

Snacks – gluten free toast with almond butter and jam, bars, bottles of Ultragen and EFS

Lunch – gluten free toast with humus and avocado, hemp hearts, white rice something along those lines

Dinner (always have the same pre-race dinner) of mashed yams, potatoes, & carrot with some fish and cooked spinach.

Race Morning:

I used to have real trouble eating much in the morning and have experimented with many things. Found that gluten free blueberry pancakes with almond butter, banana and maple syrup are tops. I actually enjoy eating them!

Have a bottle of Ultragen with breakfast, then a little later, some coffee – espresso!!

I generally sip on another bottle of Ultragen in transit to the transition area.

Race Day nutrition(EFS-PRO has been fully integrated into the IM nutrition plan):

Pre-Swim: I may have a bite of a bar or banana if I feel like I need solid food, but generally I am good with Ultragen. I may add Pre-Race capsules to my pre-swim routine this year. I’d have those with a swig of Liquid Shot and some water about 20-10 min before getting in the water.

Bike: I usually start with 3 bottles of grape EFS on my bike for a full IM (1 aero drink, 2 frame bottles) just b/c I much prefer it to on course liquid. I will also make up 2 special needs bottles of EFS – all with 200 calories. I carry two liquid shot flasks in my jersey pockets that I grab in T1 and I have another at special needs just in case. Depending on the race hot vs. cold etc. I may have some salt tabs or a bar

Run: I start out with a flask of EFS, and a liquid shot flask in my UltrAspire run belt. If there are special needs bags or tables I may add another bottle of EFS drink to top up my flask, but I generally only rely on on-course water -which I drink a lot of – at aid stations. I will get another liquid shot flask at 1/2 way in the marathon. So pretty much just liquid shot and water. If it’s hot I take 1 salt tab at every other aid station (generally ~1 mile apart).

My Ironman 70.3 Nutrition Plan

Race Morning: I have a bowl of gluten free cereal with almond milk and 1-2 bottles of Ultragen (2 scoops – 320 calories) depending on how hungry I feel or if I’m having trouble eating solid food due to nerves. I also have a good strong double espresso, and I always take my MultiV Pro and Optygen.

Pre Swim: 20min before the start, as I get my wetsuit on in transition, I will have a big slurp of Vanilla Liquid Shot, and drink a small bottle of water.

Bike: I have two bottles on my bike (behind the seat and between my aerobars) one with 6 scoops of EFS-PRO lemon water (240 calories), one with 2 scoops of EFS mild grape (200 calories). I also have an EFS liquid shot flask in my bento with 400 calories and I take sips as I need.  I then take on -course water.  Usually, I skip the first aid station but then grab water at the second one, once of my bottles is empty (so I can use the bottle cage). I’ll also usually grab another water to guzzle then chuck as I ride through the aid station. I repeat this process for the rest of the aid stations (usually just 1 more in a 70.3) since they are spaced ~15 mi apart.

Run: I carry an EFS liquid shot flask with ~300 calories diluted with a bit of water to make it even easier to slurp. I only get water at aid stations.  I will take a sip of liquid shot before an aid station – hold it in my mouth a little while to tell my body :  “you’re getting calories here!”,  and then I’ll hopefully be able to grab at least 2 cups of water as I run through the station.  I’ve learned that whenever I start to fade or get sore, more WATER is always key, not necessarily more calories, so even if I have to slow down, I really try to get that water.  I might take a little bit of coke in the last 2 miles, but liquid shot and water is key.