Jacob Puzey


Race Highlights

2016-2019 Canadian 50k Ultra Champion
2016 50 Mile Treadmill World Record
2016 Grizzly Ultra 50K, 1st CR
Multi x Ultra Winner and CR’s

First Endurance makes a complete line of nutrition products for before, during, and after endurance activity. Coupled with a clean diet, First Endurance has enabled me to train and race at a high level for years.



Day before:

Breakfast: Quart of Cappuccino Ultragen with Coco and Coconut Oil.  Optygen (3). Tube of Trail Butter.

Lunch: Grapes, cashews, dates, Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich (2),  Epic Bar (2). First Endurance MultiV (3)

Dinner: Bean, cheese, spinach, & tomatillo burritos (4) if driving or Steak and Potatoes if able to prepare the meal.

Morning of:

Breakfast: Tube of  Trail Butter, Banana, Granola Bar + Water/EFS, Optygen (3)

During Race:

  •          Sip EFS every 5-10 minutes.
  •          Nurse flask of EFS Liquid Shot every 15-30 minutes. 1 flask at least every 2 hours (200-400 calories).
  •          Trail Butter Single Serve Squeeze Pouch (200 calories) every 90 minutes.

At aid stations: 

  •          Potato chips (handful)
  •          Gummie Bears (handful)
  •          Salt Caps (if cramping)
  •          Ginger Ale (to settle stomach) or Coke (last third of the race to settle stomach & give me a bit of a kick)

Post Race:

  •          Soda water with EFS to settle stomach
  •          Quart of Ultragen once stomach is settled
  •          Something salty and protein rich – soup, burger, burrito, Epic Bar, etc.