Photo credit: PC: justin_lippert

Jason West

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lbs
2019 St. Anthony’s Triathlon 2nd
2019 ITU Sarasota Continental Cup 1st
2018 Escape Series Surf City Triathlon 1st
2018 ITU Richmond Continental Cup 1st
2018 St. Anthony’s Triathlon 2nd
2018 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon 3rd
2018 ITU World Cup Lausanne 6th
2018 ITU World Cup Sarasota 6th
2017 Escape Series Philadelphia Triathlon 1st
2017 ITU Richmond Continental Cup 1st
2017 ITU Bermuda Continental Cup 2nd
2017 St. Anthony’s Triathlon 3rd
2015 ITU Puerto Rico Continental Cup 1st
2015 ITU Cartagena Continental Cup 1st
2015 USAT Collegiate National Championships 1st
2015 TriRock Philadelphia 2nd
2015 ITU Sarasota Championships 3rd
2015 ITU Dallas Continental Cup 3rd
2015 Des Moines Triathlon 4th
2014 Lifetime Chicago 4th

Why First Endurance?

I use First Endurance because their products are developed by endurance athletes and developed specifically for endurance athletes. Each product is designed with our specific needs for training and racing in mind, so I know I am getting the most out of myself day in and day out.

My Nutrition Plan
-Oatmeal made with milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a healthy scoop of peanut butter
-Banana if I’m still hungry
-Coffee, black
45 minutes before race start:
-1 serving Pre-Race
-1 bottle of water
10 to 15 min before race start:
1/4 of Liquid Shot Flask, about 100 calories
ITU Sprint race:
-1 bottle EFS pro on the bike, about 200 calories
ITU Olympic race:
-1 bottle EFS pro double concentration on bike, about 400 calories
-1 bottle of water on bike
Non-draft Olympic:
-1 bottle EFS pro double concentration on bike
-Bring Liquid Shot Flask out on run with me, about 100 calories in first couple miles
-1 serving Ultragen immediately
-Ideally get a meal very soon, but another serving Ultragen in about 45 min if I haven’t eaten yet.