Josiah Middaugh

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs

2019 Fat Bike World Champion
2018 XTERRA Pan American Champion
2016 XTERRA Pan American Champion
2-Time XTERRA Pan American Series Leader 2016, 2017
2015 XTERRA World Champion
14-Time XTERRA USA National Champion
XTERRA USA Pro Point Series Champion 2013, 2014, 2015
6-Time USSSA National Snowshoe Champion
10-Time Go Pro Mountian Games, Ultimate Mountain Challenge
8-Time North American Snowshoe Champion

Why First Endurance?

I have been using First Endurance products for nearly a decade now. Unlike most of their competitors, First Endurance focuses exclusively on endurance athletes which means the company is in tune with the needs of endurance athletes and the products can be used as they were intended. Some supplements contain “pixie dust” amounts of effective ingredients, whereas First Endurance has always used clinically effective doses of ingredients such as branched chain amino acids or electrolytes. As a professional athlete I am reassured that the supplements are safe and legal since they are certified free of any banned substances. First Endurance products are a vital part of my day-to-day training and recovery as well as on race day.

My Nutrition Plan

My XTERRA Nutrition Plan

Day before:
During the three days before a race I make sure that my carbohydrate intake is adequate. I know a lot of people have stepped away from the traditional carbo loading approach, but carbo-loading is an important part of my pre-race routine and it has worked well for me in the past. Typically I try to get my carbohydrates from a variety of sources such as oats, pasta, cereals, bread, rice, fruit, juice, potatoes, dairy, beans, etc. I have tried for as much as 10 grams per kilogram before although I will admit that is a bit excessive. Some of my pre-race favorites are vegetarian mexican food and the old standby–spaghetti. I am always sure to top it off with a late bowl of cereal or ice cream.

Race Morning:
Oatmeal is my go-to pre-race breakfast–either old fashioned oats or the instant oatmeal packets which are also easy to make up in hotel rooms. Sometimes I will add yogurt and/or a banana. Additionally I will consume water bottle with 1.5 scoops of EFS-PRO. I try to consume my pre-race meal 2-3 hours before race start.

Between my pre-race meal and race start I will usually consume 1 more water bottle of EFS-PRO.

During Bike:
On the bike I will take one water bottle with 1.5 scoops of EFS-PRO and I will start drinking early in the bike. I will try to have it gone by the first aid station where I will take 1 water bottle. For the remainder of the bike leg I will consume half of an EFS Liquid Shot which amounts to 200 calories along with water from the aid station. I have the flask taped to my top tube and once I grab it I will put it in my jersey back pocket.

During the run:
During the run I will usually carry the EFS Liquid Shot flask in my hand and take a sip at the aid stations along with a swallow of water.

Post Race:
I try to have a bottle with two scoops of Ultragen waiting for me to drink within 30 minutes.