Justin Metzler


Race Highlights

2018 Challenge San Gil 1st
2018 IRONMAN Canada 5th
2017 Challenge Iceland 1st
2017 Ironman 70.3 Xiamen 2nd
2017 Ironman 70.3 Austin 3rd
2014 USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year

With over 10 years of triathlon racing under my belt, I have tried almost every sports nutrition product under the sun. First Endurance was the first and only product that I found to perfectly support my training, racing and recovery demands. Before, during and after, First Endurance has me covered.



70.3 Nutrition Plan: 

Day before:
I try to eliminate all fiber the day before the race and dramatically increase my carbohydrate intake. I aim for ~700-800g of carbohydrate with more than half of that coming before 12:00pm. I taper off my consumption as the day goes on and go to bed feeling like I have topped off my glycogen storage but not so much that I am overly stuffed. I also make sure to include:
-1 serving of multi-V before bed
-1 bottle of Ultragen (2 scoops) after light training
-2 bottles of EFS (2 scoops) (1 during light training, 1 later in the day/ with dinner)

Race day:
3 hours before start:
-1 bottle EFS (2 scoops)
-3.25 cups of unsweetened apple sauce mixed with 1 scoop of whey protein, one sliced banana, a bit of honey and sea salt.

45 minutes before start:
-5 pre-race tablets

15 minutes before start:
Apx 100-150 calories of Liquid Shot

O n the bike:
-3 bottles of EFS (2 scoops per bottle), 68 oz. total
-water on course (mostly used to spray down my body to stay cool)
-1 full Liquid Shot flask (~400 calories) and ~4 pre-race tablets both taken evenly throughout the ride

On the run:
-1 full Liquid Shot flask diluted with a bit of water (~300 calories) and ~4 pre-race tablets both taken evenly throughout the run

Immediately after:
-1 bottle of Ultragen immediately after finish
-1 bottle of EFS if it was a particularly warm race

Later in the day:
-1 serving of multi-v
-1 scoop of whey protein
-1 EVO-1 packet
-something salty (chips and guac), something sweet (ice cream), something alcoholic (wine!)