Karl Meltzer

Race Highlights

Winningest 100 Mile Runner on Earth
2016 Appalachian Trail Speed Record
60 Ultra Running Race Wins
40 100-Mile Wins

I was first introduced to Ultragen recovery drink around 2003 from a friend of mine who swears by the product. I had to try it to believe it, as I’m not the type of person to believe anything unless I try it myself. I was completely overwhelmed of the effects of a simple, yet complex recovery drink. I was now able to rebound quickly, and recover fast enough to make every run a strong one. From this first discovery I was soon introduced to EFS liquid shot and EFS electrolyte drinks. Both for “during” a race. Optygen is another small piece of the puzzle as it aids in recovery and sort of, “boosts” my energy level.



100 Mile Nutrition Plan:

Day Before:  I try not to change much in my diet before a race.

Race week, my diet really won’t change at all. I can eat anything the night before a race, as I feel it makes no difference in terms of carbs, protein.  I do eat a bit earlier, around 630, from my regular time, which is 8pm.  This way I can get my “business” done in the morning, without issues.  I’ve eaten NY steaks, Pizza, Chili Verde Burritos….it’s all the same to me, but on race day, I use the right stuff to fuel me efficiently.


During Race: 

For me, I consume between 250-350 cals per hour in a combination of EFS drink and gel.  About 80% of the fuel is liquid shot, 20% EFS drink. I do occasionally eat Honey Stinger chews and Honey Stinger waffles for a change.  I like straight water in one bottle as it’s  great regulator in going overboard on too many calories.  I also consume a few Red Bull Energy Drinks, during the course of a 100 mile race.  I get most of my caffiene dose from Red Bull, along with Tuarine and Vitamin B’s.  Soup Boullion, Some creamy potato soup and some cola are on my 100 mile diet.  If it’s hot, I supplement electrolytes with some Saltstick caps as well.


Finish line:

The first thing I do when I finish a race is grab my bottle of Ultragen Cappuccino and many of my competitors will often see me handing out Ultragen to them as well.