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Photo credit: Jesse Peters XTERRA

Lesley Paterson

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs
  • 2019 XTERRA Greece Champion
  • 2018 XTERRA World Champion
  • 2018 XTERRA Pan American/USA National Champion
  • 2018 ITU World Cross Triathlon Champion
  • 2018 XTERRA Trail Running National Champion
  • 2018 XTERRA East Champion
  • 2018 XTERRA Mountain Champion
  • 2017 XTERRA World Championship 5th
  • 2017 XTERRA Pan American/USA National Champion
  • 2017 XTERRA Trail Running National Champion
  • 2017 XTERRA East Championships 2nd
  • 2016 XTERRA World Championship 2nd
  • 2016 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon 9th
  • 2015 XTERRA World Championship 2nd
  • 2015 US Pro Cup #5, MTB XC 1st
  • 2015 UCI World Cup #6 – Vale di Sole, Italy (UCI/CDM) Cross Country 38th
  • 2015 UCI World Cup #5 – Windham, NY (UCI/CDM) Cross Country  41st
  • 2015 XTERRA European Champion
  • 2015 XTERRA West Champion
  • 2015 XTERRA East Champion
  • 2013 XTERRA USA National Champion
  • 2013 XTERRA West Champion
  • 2013 XTERRA Southeast Champion
  • 2013 XTERRA East Champion
  • 2013 XTERRA World Championship 2nd
  • 2013 ITU World Cross Triathlon Championship 2nd
  • 2013 IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside 3rd
  • 2013 IRONMAN 70.3 St George 6th
  • 2012 XTERRA World Champion
  • 2012 ITU World Cross Triathlon Champion
  • 2012 XTERRA National Champion
  • 2012 XTERRA USA Series Champion
  • 2011 XTERRA World Champion
  • 2011 Scottish National 10-mile Running Championships 1st
  • 2010 XTERRA USA National Championships 2nd
  • 2010 IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside 2nd
  • 2009 XTERRA World Championships 2nd
  • 2009 UK Ironman 70.3 National Championships 5th
  • 2007 Scottish National Triathlon Champion (Pro/Elite)
  • 2001 British Sprint Triathlon Champion (Pro/Elite) (2001)
  • 1999 Bronze Medalist, Team Triathlon European Championships (1999)




Why First Endurance?

As a Lyme’s disease sufferer on a gluten-free diet, I’m extremely picky when it comes to training and race nutrition. Off-road triathlon presents unique nutritional demands and challenges, one of which is the difficulty in eating and drinking during technical mountain biking. First Endurance has helped me solve this problem – enabling big electrolyte intake per gulp, great palatability in hot and cold temperatures, and great gut absorption — and all gluten free.

My Nutrition Plan

XTERRA Nutrition Plan

Every morning I take Optygen HP and Pre-Race to get me going.

Breakfast: (approximately 7 am) 1 bowl of white rice with maple syrup. 1 bottle of EFS-PRO lemon flavor.

Race Start: (9am race start) I will sip on Wild Berry EFS Liquid Shot 45 mins before race start.

On Mountain Bike Nutrition: I have 2 x 24oz water bottles with EFS-PRO lemon flavour all of which is in my camelbak.

Run Nutrition: I sip on a flask of EFS Liquid Shot Wild Berry throughout the run and take small cups of water at every aid station.

Post Race: Within 60 min of finishing the race I have a serving of Ultragen Chocolate flavor.

Post Race Food: Normally post race I love a big veggie salad with lots of greens, baked salmon and a sweet potato. I crave savory things after all the sugar during racing :)