Lindsey Jerdonek

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 134 lbs
2019 St.Anthony’s Olympic Triathlon 2nd
2017 Bridgetown ITU Champion
2017 Eagleman IRONMAN 70.3 Champion
2017 Boulder Peak 2nd
2017 St. Anthony’s Triathlon 2nd
2017 Major League Triathlon Series Champion
2017 Yucatan ITU World Cup 2nd
3x Top 8 at ITU WTS
2016 Escape from Alcatraz 3rd
2014 Geneva ITU Triathlon Champion

2011 Columbia Triathlon Champion

Why First Endurance?

Why First Endurance?

My introduction to First Endurance started with a serving of cappuccino Ultragen that picked me off the floor and brought a smile to my face following a grueling bike/run workout. Ever since, I’ve steadily incorporated FE products into my training and racing routine that fuel me for the task at hand. And, I’m a HUGE fan of EVO1. Try it.

My Nutrition Plan

Race Day:

3 hours Pre-race Breakfast:  Coffee and a 400 cal packet of microwaveable white rice + 2 eggs + honey + soy sauce

Pre Swim:
 Sip on a bottle of EFS-PRO during the morning and consume 100 cals of EFS Liquid Shot 10-15 minutes before race start

Olympic Distance Nutrition Plan:

200 cals of diluted EFS Liquid Shot on the bike and water on the run

IRONMAN 70.3 Nutrition Plan:

70.3 Bike:  100 cals of diluted EFS liquid shot from a bottle every 30 minutes + diluted EFS-PRO in frame bottle to sip throughout the ride with additional water from aid stations

70.3 Run:  200 cals of diluted EFS-PRO in flask with additional water/soda/sports drink from aid stations, as needed

Post-race:  Cappuccino Ultragen