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Photo credit: PC: Jesse Peters/XTERRA

Maia Ignatz

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 113 lbs
2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain Championship 4th
2016 XTERRA Pan American Championship Series 2nd
2016 XTERRA Pan American Championship 4th
2016 XTERRA Dominican Republic 4th
2016 XTERRA Beaver Creek 3rd
2016 XTERRA Mine Over Matter 3rd
2016 XTERRA Oak Mountain Championship 2nd

Why First Endurance?

I use First Endurance because they have developed high quality nutrition products that work. Nutrition is very important to me and First Endurance makes great tasting nutrition products, backed by science and research, that meet the specific needs of endurance athletes. The First Endurance nutrition system is easy to use and I love that it is customizable to meet the athlete’s individual needs in training and racing.

My Nutrition Plan

My Nutrition Plan for XTERRA


Oatmeal with banana
MultiV PRO and Optygen HP
24 oz bottle of EFS-PRO (1 scoop) and SaltStick (5 caps) to sip on up to 30 min prior to start.
PreRace (2 caps, 15-30 min prior to start).
2 24 oz bottles of EFS-PRO (1.5 scoops per bottle) plus SaltStick (1.5 caps per bottle). 2nd bottle will also have PreRace (1 cap).
Additional H2O at aid stations as needed.
Bring an EFS Liquid Shot flask (1/2 EFS Liquid Shot and 1/2 H2O), plus SaltStick (2 caps) and PreRace (1 cap). Use if needed on the bike and take on to the run.
EFS Liquid Shot flask that I bring on the bike, I take on the run.
Additional H2O at aid stations as needed.
Post Race
Ultragen (1.5 scoops) soon after finishing.