Ty Draney

  • 2015 Scout Mountain 35K 1st CR
  • 2014  Bear “200” 64:50:31
  •  2014 Hardrock 100 28:46.04 – 9th
  •  2013 Ronda dels Cims- 8th
  •  2013 Skyrunner Ultra Series- 16th
  •  2012 Pocatello 50k 1st CR
  •  2009 Grand Teton 100 1st 19:19 CR
  •  2008 Bear 100 1st

Why First Endurance?

I completely trust Robert and First Endurance to find, test, and create the best products and supplements from the best materials available. They understand the unique nutritional needs of the endurance athlete because they are endurance athletes themselves. I use Multi-V, Optygen, Ultragen, EFS-PRO and EFS Liquid Shot to fuel my endeavors in the mountains.

My Nutrition Plan

Ultra Running Nutrition Plan

I usually have a peanut butter and honey sandwich with a banana a couple hours before race time. I then start drinking EFS-PRO. The EFS-PRO is my main source of calories with one 100 calories of EFS Liquid Shot per hour. I will supplement with warm soup late in a hundred and add Pre Race caps to ward off the sleep monster.