How do Vegan Proteins Stack Up?

by Matt Hansen EdD In February of 2013, the First Endurance blog covered an important topic: ‘The Facts About Protein.’ You can find the full post HERE. At that point in time, whey protein easily rises to the top as the superior protein source to use for supplementation purposes. Since the original posting of this […]

First Endurance Rider Successfully Defends German National Championship

First Endurance rider Trixi Worrack (Canyon-SRAM)  has stormed home to win a tightly contested individual time trial today at the German national championships. Worrack defended her title, winning by two seconds over teammate Lisa Brennauer, and twelve seconds from Stephanie Pohl (CBT). Worrack averaged 45.6km/hr for the out and back 31.2km course. “I did have […]

Medium Chain Triglycerides and Athletes

Make up: Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are a type of fatty acid.   Like all fatty acids, MCT’s contain a glycerol backbone with three fatty acids attached. Unlike long-chain triglycerides the MCT fatty acids are medium in length.   Because of these shorter chains, the fatty acids are easier to break down to use as an energy […]

Beta-Alanine’s Greatest Endurance Benefit Revealed in 2017 peer-reviewed Medical Journal

Intro Beta-Alanine has been a staple of endurance and strength athletes for over a decade. We first introduced this naturally occurring amino acid in 2007 with OptygenHP. Since that time, study after study has proved this nutrient to be highly beneficial for endurance and power sports. A newly published 2017 meta-analysis reviewed 40 individual studies employing […]