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sarah_haskins_croppedTwo months before the 2008 Olympic Trials, Sarah Haskins came to First Endurance because of a recommendation from her coach, US Olympic Sport Dietitian Bob Seebohar.  Within a few weeks her training and racing went up another level. “I began using First Endurance products and was surprised to have immediate results,” explains Haskins.   She later confirmed the products were working through blood tests.

” I had a blood draw taken several months after beginning several first Endurance supplements.  As an elite athlete training at altitude, it is always a struggle to keep up my iron stores, even with taking iron supplements (pure iron).  My coach mentioned that the iron in the Multi-V, would absorb better into my body and the test results proved this theory.  My iron level increased by 33% after beginning the Multi-V supplement two months prior to the blood test.  I noticed other positive benefits after taking the Multi-V supplement; decrease in illness (especially while traveling and intense training cycles) and improvement in recovery.  In addition to the Multi-V, I also began taking the Optygen-HP supplement.  A blood test showed my cortisol levels decreased by nine points, which means I am able to handle more intense training sessions and my chances for getting an illness decreased.  I have yet to have a blood draw for the year, but I will be interested to see if my iron levels and cortisol levels have changed after taking the First Endurance supplements for almost a year.”

These supplements are a key component to my racing and training.  My health feels better overall and I feel stronger and faster.