The Essential Role of Electrolytes in Skeletal Muscle Contraction: More Than Just Cramp Prevention

Optimizing skeletal muscle function is what endurance athletes strive for every day in training Skeletal muscle is attached to the bones and is responsible for voluntary movements.   Optimizing skeletal muscle function is what endurance athletes strive for every day in training. Researchers and athletes have attempted to optimize the performance of skeletal muscle first by […]

How Do You Choose Your Sports Nutrition Supplements? Evidence Vs Anecdote

Athletes are constantly bombarded with advice on sports nutrition and supplementation. The truth is, nobody has all the answers to this ever-changing and very important subject.Each year science and research provide new clues to what allows the human body to function most efficiently. The information available to athletes arrives from a variety of sources: friends, […]

Beta-Alanine’s Greatest Endurance Benefit Revealed in 2017 peer-reviewed Medical Journal

Intro Beta-Alanine has been a staple of endurance and strength athletes for over a decade. We first introduced this naturally occurring amino acid in 2007 with OptygenHP. Since that time, study after study has proved this nutrient to be highly beneficial for endurance and power sports. A newly published 2017 meta-analysis reviewed 40 individual studies employing […]

Cordyceps and Endurance Performance

Cordyceps Sinensis CS-4 Background: Cordyceps Sinensis is an essential medicinal mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Cordyceps has long been used to treat lung disease, respiratory illness and fatigue. The Cordyceps mushroom grows primarily as a parasitic fungus on caterpillars on the plateau of China and Tibet above 12,000 feet. Tibetan sherpas make tea from […]

Which Product is Best for Me; MultiV or MultiV-PRO

We often get asked how these two products differ and why one would choose MultiV-PRO or MultiV. The following information will help explain the differences so consumers can decide which product best suits them. Endurance athletes put a lot of stress on their body and accordingly they have significantly different needs and requirements than the general population. […]

Tips for Dialing in Your Cold Weather Fueling for Optimal Performance

  Cold Weather Training Training and racing in cold weather is a lot different than training and racing in warm weather  so your nutrition program needs to be adjusted to reflect these temperature differences. Veterans of cold weather activity will advise you to dress to minimize sweat.  Doing this helps you remain dry, and staying dry in […]