First Endurance Adds Tommy Rivers Puzey to Running Team Roster

First Endurance welcomes accomplished runner Tommy Rivers Puzey to its running team effective immediately. The brother of First Endurance runner Jacob Puzey, Tommy is a seamless addition to the squad also joining fellow Flagstaff resident Jim Walmsley on the team. “I ran a 20-mile tempo run with Jim Walmsley a couple of weeks before he […]

Josiah Middaugh Wins XTERRA Argentina

First Endurance XTERRA triathlete and reigning World Champion, Josiah Middaugh, claimed his first victory this season at XTERRA Argentina this past Saturday, March 26, 2016. Following a quick 6–day turnaround from his season opener at XTERRA Costa Rica, Middaugh was ready for the second of ten races in the 2016 XTERRA Pan American Tour, XTERRA Argentina in […]

First Endurance – Products for Performance

A viable nutrition plan is vital to daily life and race-day performance. Beginning in the late fall of 2009, I started using First Endurance as my ‘go-to’ nutritional products for supplementation. I’ve become increasingly aware of just how good I feel when fueling properly, and First Endurance is to thank for that! Thank you First Endurance! […]

The End is where we Begin

I have heard it said that one of the hardest things after you lose someone is going back to work.  I would have to agree. A little over a week ago I lost my Mom.  She was only 63 and my biggest supporter.  I was only gone from the training environment for a little over […]

A Past to Overcome the Future

In the summer of the Sydney Olympics (year 2000 for those who forgot) I saw rowing for the first time.  I mean, I had SEEN rowing before, but for some reason this time I truly saw the sport and had an attachment to it.  The only explanation I have for my sudden interest was that […]

The Importance of Sleep

The phrase that serves as the title of this blog cannot be underemphasized. And for a long time, I have been aware of the significance of a good night’s sleep and conveyed the message accordingly to anyone who listened. But it wasn’t until a series of events transpired that I truly began to understand the […]

A Failed Experiment

So here we are, three months since I committed to taking a break from training and racing to allow my body sufficient leeway to rest and recover in the hopes of returning to full health. It’s been an unpleasant period of time, I must admit, since sitting around doing very little to better your performance […]

Blood Sweat and Tears

It is official, a new Olympic cycle has begun for the Canadian Rowing team.  To be exact we started a couple of weeks ago but it seems to just be getting into the gritty stuff.  After a race in Boston 2 weekends ago, The Head of the Charles regatta (Nascar of racing), we settled or […]