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PC: Scott Flathouse

PC: Scott Flathouse

Thick fog caused IRONMAN 70.3 Austin to be reduced to a duathlon where the athletes started in a time-trial format in intervals for the start of the bike leg. Chris Leiferman was able to put together the 2nd fastest bike and 3rd fastest run to take the win in Austin despite the delayed start and cancelled swim.

Leiferman commented on his mindset with the last minute race changes that took place –


“Being able to roll with the punches of whatever happens during race morning was key to the day’s success. With the swim getting cancelled, you had to change your mindset and get mentally prepared for a totally different race.”

A long time user of First Endurance products and officially sponsored by First Endurance for the upcoming 2017 season, Leiferman commented on the shortened race and conditions. “Since the swim was cancelled and overall race time shortened, I went out hard on the bike and with the start times being pushed back, that meant temperatures were very hot during the run and that broke down a lot of athletes out there. I have been and always will use First Endurance products starting in the morning with Optygen and MultiV PRO and First Endurance nutrition throughout the race. I took on 4 scoops of EFS in two different bottles on the bike and a flask and a half of EFS Liquid Shot. On the run, I carry a flask of EFS Liquid Shot which I take every 20 or so minutes and carry a hand bottle that has 2 scoops of EFS-PRO and 18oz of water. That takes care of my electrolyte dosage during the run allowing me to not have to worry about additional salt intake. with the liquid shot on the run, I am able to only need water at the aid stations since my calories are dialed in!”

Though Leiferman was looking forward to the swim in preparation for his focus at Ironman Cozumel on Nov 27th, he was happy to have a stellar bike followed up with a solid run to win the Ironman (69.1) Austin by 1:22 over 2nd place TJ Tollakson and 2:30 over fellow First Endurance triathlete and standout runner, Matt Hanson.

Matt Hanson came back from a significant deficit on the bike with a huge race best run, 3 minutes and 54 seconds faster than the next best run split, to take the 3rd podium position on the day commenting

“I’m really happy to snag my first podium in a 70.3. I am dedicating this fall to getting stronger in 70.3’s and feel that this race was a big step forward for me.”

Hanson also remarked on the noticeable effects of the shortened and delayed race. “Many people would think that the shorter the race would mean nutrition would be less of a factor. I definitely found that not to be the case! Because there was no swim, I had to bike so much harder than normal for a 70.3, especially at the beginning due to the time trial start. Plus, the delay meant we were sitting around for nearly 2 extra hours without food while waiting to start and we would have to deal with the heat for more of the race. I was definitely thankful that I was using EFS-PRO to fuel my day. I was able to catch up with the calories that I was behind due to the delay. Also, the high electrolyte content helped me battle the heat and humidity and set me up for a solid run.”

matt-hansonleiferman-hanson-podiumIRONMAN 69.1 Austin
Austin, Texas
October 30, 2016

1. Chris Leiferman  3:23:13
2. TJ Tollakson  3:24:35
3. Matt Hanson 3:25:43
4. Michael Raelert  3:25:58
5. Joe Gambles  3:26:53
6. Sam Appleton  3:28:00
7. Sam Long  3:28:01
8. Jason Pederson  3:30:07
9. Tripp Hipple  3:33:35
10. Yu Hsiao  3:36:26