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A new randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study on healthy humans proves panax noto-ginseng (not to be confused with ginseng), a key ingredient in OptygenHP, Optygen-HP-REVISED4_13improves cycling time to exhaustion.

Panax noto-ginseng , is a component of our OptyMax blend that also includes Roxa Rosburghii extract.  This powerful combination has already been established through numerous human clinical studies on its ability to improve various endurance physiological parameters.

In this 2015 peer reviewed study panax noto-ginseng was administered to healthy young men prior to a 60 minute cycle ergometer test.   Though VO2 max was not changed significantly, cycling time to exhaustion improved by nearly 20% in the test group.    Its important to note with the recent studies looking at the downregulation effects of attenuating inflammation, that in this study PGC-1 alpha, a regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis response  was not affected.