73324_10151685598507114_1506993241_nDarcy Africa won the 2013 HardRock 100 mile endurance run.  She spent most of her day running in 2nd place and not feeling as strong as she’d hoped.   Endurance runs are about the finishing the event and Darcy outlasted her competitors who faltered in the final 30 miles putting Darcy first at the finish.   Often its nutrition and fueling that creates the difference between finishing strong or not finishing at all.  Since nutrition can be the difference in these ultra long distance events, we asked 1st place woman Darcy and 3rd place overall Scott Jaime to share their nutrition during the race.

Darcy Africa

In the morning, I ate 2 packets of instant oatmeal, a handful of blueberries, 1 banana, tea, and 4 Optygen.

During the race, I carried 2 bottles from the start to Sherman (mile 27).  1 bottle had 3/4 scoop EFS and 1 had plain water.  I feel like I drank 1 bottle per hour or hour and a half.
From Sherman to the finish I had my pack/bladder full of diluted EFS solution.  A full packet of lime EFS per 70oz bladder.
I took in at least 200 calories per hour.  I used EFS liquid shots, Honey Stinger Chews, Bars, and took pre-made nut&dried fruit bag.
In the Aid stations:
Cunningham(9.3): slice of watermelon, and 1 small peanut butter and jelly tortilla
Maggie: Filled bottles and took some snacks (can’t remember what?)
Pole Creek: filled water and took snacks
Sherman (27): Ate a baggie of potato chips, 1 slice of watermelon
Grouse(42): Drank 1/4 bottle of Recharge in aid station and ate potato chips and fruit ( I also believe I took 3 Optygen around this mile as well)
Ouray(59): Drank 1 bottle of Ultragen (orange flavor), ate cup of instant veggie ramen soup
Telluride(72): Ate entire ramen soup cup and drank 2 cups of coke
KT:  Potato chips again and coke
Putnam: nothing here
This is what I ate to the best of my knowledge.
The liquid shots , energy chews, etc…. were in between aid stations.




1004008_10151682109537114_1279240280_nScott Jaime, in his 7th running of the famed HardRock 100 posted his fastest attempt by over an hour.  IRunFar.com and Scott recap his history with this epic race.   He credits much of this to the experience of ‘running your own race’ and a change in his diet and fueling strategy.   In 2013 Scott adjusted his daily eating habits  “I have eliminated all bread and coffee from my diet.  To replace carbohydrates in bread I forced myself to eat more whole foods, such as fruits and veggies.  The older I get the more I realize the importance of eating nutrient dense foods as opposed to CHO dense foods.  Did it make a difference in my race?  I don’t know but I can tell you I never had a sour stomach or low bonks.”

First Endurance has been consulting with our endurance runners to focus all, if not most of their calories on liquids even during events that last 24 hours.   Scott has made this change and has now posted a run that is an hour faster than his previous six attempts and good enough for 3rd overall.  “During Hardrock I changed my plan a little bit to incorporate the fruits and veggies.  However, I had two EFS liquid shots on me at all times; one diluted in 20oz of water and the other full strength flask in hip pocket.  The full strength LS helped me the most.  When I was getting low on energy I would nip at the flask until I could feel the energy return.  Also, before every aid station I made sure I had downed my entire diluted EFS LS water bottle.  At the aid station I took my time and drank 1 full bottle of EFS grape drink (instructed my crew that I could not leave until it was finished), 1 Ensure every 4 hrs, 1 pouch of Peter Rabbit Organics every 2 hrs (got lazy with this one), and chicken broth every 2 hrs after 100k mark.   At the 100k mark and 88 mile mark I also took three capsules of PreRace to help get me to the finish strong.   It seems like a lot but my stomach was agreeing with everything.”
“All in all for 26+ hrs I consumed 9 EFS liquid shot flasks, 7 bottles of EFS grape drink (1 bottle of Fruit punch but too sweet), 8 pouches of Peter Rabbit, 20 oz of chicken broth, 30 oz of coke, and two servings of Ultragen Cappuchino afterwards.  So essentially, everything was liquid and because of the variety, I never got sick of anything. “
Nutrition plan for all of our sponsored runners can be found here.
image and video courtesy of irunfar.com