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PC: Howie Stern

The Hurt 100-mile trail running race, put on by the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team, takes place on technical pig trails that have been maintained as people friendly single track through the rain forests of stunning Oahu, Hawaii.

Piceu competed in the Hurt 100 KM race here twelve years ago in 2006 and set a record on the 100km course which they no longer offer.

Despite Piceu commenting “I did not feel particularly trained for this race.  It follows the holidays filled with eating and drinking.  I would say I was more in shape for that, rather than running!” her years of experience and training miles allowed her to cinch another victory.

“It’s not typical for me to race in January, but I was excited to be in a warm/sunny climate right before celebrating my birthday. The course is one of the more technical races out there. The 20-mile loop is full of roots and rocks that are typically wet and slippery.  There are only a few sections where you can actually get into a flow, running-wise.”

Piceu ran the race solo, with no pacers or crew explaining “If there is ever a 100 where you can do this, HURT is the perfect race for that.  While there are only 3 aid stations, they are filled with amazing volunteers who were incredibly helpful with filling water, and helping to retrieve drop bags.  The close-knit community that embodies this race, in Hawaiian, is called the ‘Ohana’ – it’s like family. I was very grateful for those people during this race.”  Crewless and without a pacer, Piceu won the race in 25:48:27, over 1 hour 44 minutes ahead of second place and also finished 8th overall men and women.

Hurt 100
Oahu, HI
January 13, 2018

1. Darcy Piceu 25:48:27
2. Beck Bates 27:33:07
3. Sabrina Stanley 29:45:04
4. Gia Madole 30:44:54
5. Bree Wee 31:41:41