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We were up at 8:00am for the interview with CNBC.  It was absolutely pouring this morning. Had breakfast with the team and then headed up to the team semi-truck for the interview.  Rob was interviewed about the team’s nutrition and did a great job rolling with all the questions.  The interview is supposed to air in Europe and the US sometime next month.  CNBC will also post sound bytes of it on their web site.  We’ll post the specifics as soon as we know more. 



After the interview, we hung out in the room watching CNN.  The only two channels that are in English here are CNN and BBC.  The rain subsided around eleven and the sun came out so we headed out for our last ride in Mallorca.  We did a new route on the west side of the island that took three or so hours then headed back to Club Robinson (where we’ve been based for the past 9 days). 

The trip has been fantastic.  We didn’t really know any of the riders on the team or much of the staff before we arrived.  Since we’ve been here, we’ve had most of our meals with the team, ridden with the team, ridden with the team staff and have had numerous meetings and presentations with the team and staff.

Our flight out of here is at 8:00 in the morning.  We figure our total travel time to get back to Salt Lake will be just about 24 hours from door to door.  Hopefully we don’t have any issues in Atlanta. 

The next training camp blog we do will be for the Team Astana camp.  It starts the first week of February in Santa Rosa, California.