Cam Dye lead the way following the spring fed Lake Geneva swim, dominated the bike and ran the 5th fastest to handily capture the final Escape Series Tri Olympic distance non-draft race win of the year at Lake Geneva.

The difficult single loop bike course was ideally suited to Dye’s strengths and enabled him to get out of sight from the competition “The Lake Geneva course was awesome. I got a good start on the beach and was able to get the feet of a speedy Canadian and just catch a ride around the lake. Once I got on the bike I really hammered the first couple of miles because there was a fairly large hill coming right out of transition and then some good rolling terrain which I think really suits my combination of speed and power on the bike and made for a very honest course.”

Heading into T2 Dye held a 2:25 advantage on 2nd place Rodolphe VonBerg but was unaware of his advantage stating “On the run I had no idea how far ahead I was until I turned into the neighborhood to start the hilly portion of the run and I saw 2nd place heading into transition. My estimate was that meant I was about 2 mins up, which I was psyched about but I also knew that gap wasn’t insurmountable so I tried to be smart over the first couple hilly miles while still really trying to keep the pressure on. Since it was an out and back I knew the last mile and half would be downhill, so if I could run strong through 5 miles I would be in good shape. I did my best to drive the up hills, and relax and let the legs run going down, and was really excited to hit the tape for the victory!”

Winning with a finishing time of 1:51:26, 1:31 ahead of 2nd place VonBerg and 2:09 ahead of Jason West in 3rd place, Dye said

“It’s always great to win a race, and with this being my fourth of the year I am really happy with my effort for 2017.”

“I think, more importantly for me, winning this race helped to get the bad taste out of my mouth from my race in Beijing. No matter how many years you do this, when you get your butt handed to you even when you know that you didn’t have a good day, it takes a lot to keep from questioning your fitness and your training. Luckily, I have been doing this long enough that I know better than to read too much into one race, but it was nice to see a result from all the hard work I put in over the last 9 weeks.”

In the women’s race, Lauren Goss was 5 seconds off of Sarah Haskins on the swim but lead the field onto the bike after a quick transition and built an unsurmountable gap to win in  dominating style.

Pulling away on the bike, Goss rolled the fastest bike split, 1:11 faster than Haskins and continued to open the gap with the fastest run. With a 2:04:30 finish time, Goss led the field, 3:17 in advance of Haskins and 6:58 ahead of third place Marchant.

“I really loved the course at Lake Geneva, it may be one of my all-time favorites. The run had a lot of steep hills with sharp turns and really kept it challenging.”

“I felt strong across all three sports and I am really happy where my fitness is at heading into the last few races of the season.” 

Despite picking up an impressive fifth win at the Olympic distance this year, similar to Dye Goss voiced her disappointment at her last race and the confidence gained with this win “My full focus this year was Beijing International Triathlon and I lost. It is the only non-draft Olympic distance race I lost this year. I was really disappointed but I had back luck and that is how it goes. So to back up that race with a solid result keeps me motivated and confident in my training.” 

Lake Geneva Escape Triathlon
Williams Bay, WI
September 23, 2017

1 Cam Dye 1:51:26
2 Rodolphe VonBerg 1:52:57
3 Jason West 1:53:35
4 Brian Duffy 1:55:52
5 Jackson Laundry 1:57:35

1 Lauren Goss 2:04:30
2 Sarah Haskins 2:07:47
3 Kristen Marchant 2:11:28