Lauren Goss went wire to wire to claim her first victory at St.Anthony’s triathlon while Cam Dye came away with his fourth victory, his third in a row on the St. Petersburg, Florida Olympic distance course.

Having raced here four previous occasions, Goss has never won but she came back for more this year and clearly, her planning paid off as she explained “I postponed my season and started much later than normally to make sure I had a solid 16-week training block before my first race. My training has been going amazingly this year. I changed my diet completely to a plant based diet and it has me recovering better and I am able to train harder and more consistently. I felt prepared and confident going into the race and fortunately, the race felt easy and it seems like the training and dietary changes are paying off!  I wanted to start my season off with St Anthony’s this year because it’s usually a strong field and a fast race. I love the venue and the event so I had to make this my opener!” 

Due to high winds, athletes started with a reduced swim course shortened to 900 meters from the standard 1500-meter Olympic distance swim. While this didn’t suit the strong swimming Goss, she made the most of it with the women’s fastest time, opening up a small gap of 6 seconds out of the water and 3 more with a quick transition out onto the bike ahead of second place Lindsey Jerdonek.

Goss followed up her swim with a race best bike and run, going wire-to-wire to claim her first win at St.Anthony’s in a time of 1:51:54 with Jerdonek in 2nd in 1:54:45 and Jennifer Spieldenner in third. Seeing the results from her early season form Goss commented

“This was the strongest performance I’ve ever had this early in the season. Also, the effort felt pretty comfortable and I had an extra gear or two if needed. I think the 16 weeks of focused training this winter really played a big role in my performance.”

On the men’s side, a tighter battle played out with the top 5 who were all within 1 minute and 10 seconds of one another.

Dye, who started the season early in Australia with the Super League Triathlon said “I think that the fitness I gained from racing three days in a row early season certainly was a good jump on the fitness for the year and I had a good block of training at home in between Super League and St A’s so I was definitely feeling ready going into the race.”

Similar to Goss, the shortened swim didn’t play into Dye’s favor, regardless he put the pressure on with the race best swim over the shortened course.

Dye’s powerful ride gave him the fastest split on the day by 47 seconds and more importantly, built a surmountable lead of 1:38 on eventual second place finisher Eric Lagerstrom. “With guys like Eric and Jason(West) chasing there is no room for error and I was doing everything I could to the very end to hold on.”

“I think that riding as hard as I did set me up for the win but played a part in the struggle to hold on at the end on the run but everyone has their strengths and so it’s always worth the risk for me to throw it out there on the bike and see if it sticks.”

The Olympic distance star stuck to his standard nutrition plan on the day stating “I am getting to be an old man with my routines and my Olympic distance nutrition plan I use has served me well over the past and I have no plans of changing it!”.

Putting in a huge effort on the swim and bike, Dye measured his effort well managing to hold off the known runners chasing hard before the finish, earning his 4th victory at St.Anthony’s (2010, 2015-2017). Lagerstrom finished a close 21 seconds back in 2nd place with West coming in 3rd, 34 seconds off Dye’s finishing time of 1:40:31 with First Endurance triathlete Taylor Reid, taking the final podium spot in 1:41:41.

“It’s really exciting to be able to win St Anthony’s again this year and it’s a little extra special since that makes a hat trick!”

“It’s the race I look forward to all winter as the start of the season and it’s just such a great triathlon community down in St Pete that it’s a lot of fun to get to see the same people every year and enjoy a really well done race.”


St.Anthony’s Olympic Distance Triathlon
St. Petersburg, Florida
April 30, 2017

1. Lauren Goss 1:51:54
2. Lindsey Jerdonek 1:54:45
3. Jennifer Spieldenner 1:56:29
4. Kristen Marchant 1:56:53
5. Kaitlin Donner 1:58:27
6. Jillian Petersen 1:59:38
7. Laurel Wassner 2:00:30
8. Ericka Hachmeister 2:06:26
9. Brittany Higgins 2:09:41
10. Heather Lendway 2:13:02

1. Cameron Dye 1:40:31
2. Eric Lagerstrom 1:40:52
3. Jason West 1:41:05
4. Jackson Laundry 1:41:37
5. Taylor Reid 1:41:41
6. Rodolphe Von Berg 1:42:38
7. Alex Libin 1:42:53
8. Timothy Winslow 1:43:38
9. Jacob Rhyner 1:44:15
10. James Hadley 1:45:36