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ROAD magazine reviewed the new EFS Kona-Mocha liquid shot in the July 2012 issue and had this to say:

The liquid shot is by far the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to carry your calories, and now it comes in a new flavor-Kona Mocha. With a hint of caramel, this is the best coffee flavored gel on the market and would probably taste good poured in a cup of joe. Like all the other flavors, Wild Berry and Vanilla, it packs 400 calories and over 1500mg of electrolytes to keep you fueled up and cramp free. Along with 100g of carbs there are 1,000mg of amino acids to help keep muscles from breaking down. Oddly enough, it is caffeine free though. Also available in 30oz. refill bottles, you can simply use the same flask over and over.