For many years I have experimented with a variety of gels trying to dial in my race nutrition for 70.3 and Ironman races. I tend to have a more difficulty eating solid food the hotter it is during a race. I started using EFS Liquid Shot in 2008. I was worried that just using a gel would not be enough to keep me going strong. As a result, I still carried one or two bars in case I started to bonk. What I found is that I never used the bars on the bike and just threw them away while in T2. I raced FL 70.3 and Eagleman in 2008. Both were very hot races and I felt stong throughout. I also raced Ironman FL last November and was concerned that only eating the LS would not sustain me throughout the race. Although this was not a hot race it was an Ironman so I decided to try and eat 1 or 2 bars on the bike. I don’t think I ate more than half of one bar with all other calories coming from the LS. With all other things being equal (training, taper, equipment, fluid and sodium intake. etc.), I feel confident that I have found a gel that works great for me. I’m sure others have had similar results and I would like to hear how others deal with long course race nutrition.

Art Mathisen