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At First Endurance we believe the best way to test new products is to put them in the hands of our sponsored athletes.

Here is some of the feedback on our new EVO1 Vegan Meal Replacement.


I love both flavors of EVO1!  They mix easily, taste great and really make me feel satiated. Mixing with water-only is a quality snack.  When I mix them with milk/ fruit mixture it’s like a meal.   The mix I use is:

CHOCOLATE w/ banana, dates, almond milk and almonds.

VANILLA w/ banana, pineapple, coconut milk and walnuts.

– Cody Waite


Absolutely love this drink!  Smooth, pleasant taste, good texture, mixes well…  I like the chocolate better than vanilla.  I can’t say anything bad about them.  I mixed one in water and one in almond/coconut milk…. both tasted very similar.

– Scott Jaime


EVO1  prepares easily and mixes very well (i.e., no clumping) when shaken in a bottle.  The flavors are pleasant and not overpowering; more mild than the stronger flavor of Ultragen which is what I was initially expecting.

– digestion: very easy on the stomach; I have a pretty sensitive gut and don’t like many protein based drinks but this was very easy to tolerate and didn’t make me feel bloated or present stomach issues


– texture: the mix had a bit of a chalkiness to it despite being well dissolved and left a chalky filminess in my mouth after consuming

Overall, I liked it and would use this as a daily protein shake in the mornings.

– Chris Baird  

Both flavors of EVO1 are actually very good. I added a banana and almond milk to it. It wasn’t too sweet with that as well.  I did try it alone on ice and it tasted good. Something I would drink for sure!

 – Angela Naeth


I used a hand blender and it mixed really well with almond milk.  That made it actually quite tasty.  Definitely something I would drink to help supplement a meal.  The vanilla flavor is great as a smoothie.  We mixed it with berries and our normal smoothie additions and it added a slight, but nice flavor.  Slightly powdery, but that’s to be expected from any vegan protein mix I’ve used.  I tend not to make chocolaty smoothies so probably wouldn’t use the Chocolate in a smoothie.  So, I would use it in smoothies, and would also happily mix it with almond milk.  But I wouldn’t drink it with water or even suggest people drink it with water.

I have a hard time eating enough food in general, so adding this would certainly help get some nutrients and a couple hundred more calories I tend to miss.  I would still use Ultragen for my post workout drink.  But could see myself using this in the evenings after dinner to top up after a long day.

– Trevor Wurtele


I thought that being vegan would mean a sacrifice in flavor (as is the case with most things vegan) but I was totally surprised that I loved it.  I used the chocolate after last weekend’s long ride and taste was great (25 percent almond milk, 75 percent cold water)… found it creamier than the existing chocolate Ultragen, and found I preferred it to current Ultragen.

The vanilla flavor seems even creamier than the chocolate, which to me was preferable; it seemed more like a shake. I used it with a 50/50 split of almond milk and cold water, and a couple dashes of cinnamon, and it was awesome, even better than the chocolate, and I generally prefer chocolate in everything I eat and drink.

I didn’t have any issues afterward; no aftertaste. Also, everything mixed easily just shaking it in a water bottle; I didn’t need to break up any clumps, etc., and there was no residue sitting at the bottom of the bottle.

 – Danielle Mack

 EVO1 taste is great, mixes well with almond milk, and it gets me through the next workout without having lunch and ONLY having this shake. I absolutely love it!

– Lauren Goss


I enjoy both flavors of EVO1. Everything in the design is great in terms of ingredients and the percentages of everything in the mix. The only slight downfall that I can think of is the slightly chalky consistency, however that is likely impossible to avoid with this type of drink. I will definitely continue using it!

– Matt Hanson

I’ve used EVO1 as my pre-race breakfast and found it to be pretty great.  No GI issues and pretty steady energy.  I’m a pretty regular MCT oil user so I’m happy to see it added to the mix.  The taste is pretty good.  I’m a fan of the chocolate.  It mixes well, but it seems to get better as it sits for a bit (made it the night before the race and it was much smoother in the am than when I made a packet previously).  Not sure if that’s good or bad but probably a result of some of the flax/etc taking awhile to fully absorb the water.

– Eric Limkeman

ON a taste perspective: Solid….and they are thinner than most drinks, which I would think for most people, is a good thing.  I am not vegan, but for some reason the drinks both seemed to taste a bit plant based.  I know that sounds odd, but I sort of tasted that.  Not in a bad way, and not like grass.  :-)

– Karl Meltzer


One of the best parts about it is how full EVO1 makes you feel.   Either mixing with water or in a smoothie, so perfect when using as a quick calories when stacking workouts close together.   I mix both with just water and also in a smoothie with almond milk.  Flavors are great, Vanilla is right on, Chocolate is good, I am one that can always take a more chocolatey flavor so that is the only thing I would go for but it is solid as is.  The perfect amount of sweetness especially for a nutrition drink for both flavors.  As a comparison, though it is designed for a different purpose, Ultragen Vanilla is a bit too sweet just plain.  There is the grainy and chalky taste to them, but it is palatable and I didn’t mind it.

– Branden Rakita

I like the subtle taste.  I blend the vanilla EVO1 with pineapple, frozen bananas and ginger – and it’s delicious!!    The chocolate flavor doesn’t really taste all that chocolatey to me. The texture is still present. I would choose vanilla over chocolate.

 – Krissy Moehl

I’m pleasantly surprised with the taste because I’m not a vegan (but I do eat gluten free).  I’m enjoying the subtle vanilla flavor and always love calories that are easily digestible :)  I like the chocolate flavor mixed in with a smoothie, better than in plain water.  Overall, I favored the vanilla taste over the chocolate.

 – Kathy Rakel


I’m not a vegan but I’ve been having one every morning.  EVO1 mixes easily and has a good texture.  Both flavors surprisingly good with mixed with water alone.

– Eric Thomas