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screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-11-49-pmUltra runner Darcy Piceu, stormed to the front of the Bigfoot 120 Mile race early and never relinquished her overall (men and women) lead, winning in 30 hours and 57 minutes.

The Bigfoot 120 Mile ultra running race takes place deep in the Cascade Mountains, following a point to point format travelling from Mt. Adams all the way through to the Mt. St. Helens volcano with 27,155 feet elevation gain along the way. The Pacific North West rugged range is known to have a mix of nasty weather conditions in the month of October and mother nature brought her best for race weekend.“I think that was the wettest I’ve ever been in a race.  That was epic…and also very beautiful” commented Piceu.

The torrential rain that lasted the majority of the race added a whole other element to the already challenging remote single track trails. “The second night my pacer and I found ourselves in a boulder field around mile 115 in sideways rain, fog, and cold wind.  We struggled to find the markers and ended up in survival mode to some extent.  After quite some time, we made our way through the boulder field and back down into the forest where there was more protection from the elements.”  

Having ran and won the Wasatch 100 only a month earlier, Piceu expressed her concern on whether she was sufficiently recovered. “Going into the race I was worried that my knees were not going to allow me to run 120 miles.  I wasn’t recovering from the Wasatch 100 as well as I would have liked to.  My knees had been hurting me for weeks.  My goal was to finish #1 or #2, I always want to do well, but I had no idea how my body would fare.”  

Despite concerns on how her body would hold up, Piceu put the pressure on in the opening miles of the race. 

“I went out in the lead early on and maintained that lead the entire race.  I really never felt as though I was pushing myself too hard.  I knew I had to just be consistent, eat well, and keep moving forward.”

I was able to eat a lot throughout the race which seemed to be the secret to winning this time. In a race this long (and in most 100 milers) I rely on EFS in my water bottles and then I will have a bottle of Ultragen in the aid station around mile 70ish.  In addition, I will always drink 1-2 bottles of Ultragen following the race.  I also used Optygen prior to my races this season.”

Piceu successfully pushed on to an impressive victory 6 hours 23 minutes 19 seconds ahead of the next woman, Tina Johnson and 3 hrs 7 minutes 7 seconds ahead of the second placed overall finisher Christopher Cappellini.

Having notched two ultra wins in the last month, Piceu is uncertain what’s next on the race schedule but says “Nothing planned yet, but I am definitely scheming up ideas for next adventure runs and races!”

Photo Credit Howie Stern

Photo Credit Howie Stern

Big Foot 120 Mile Endurance Run 
Cougar, Washington
October 7-9, 2016

1. Darcy Piceu 30:57:09
2. Christopher Cappellini 34:04:16
3. Anthony Lee 36:04:31
4. Mark Blakeley 37:02:38
5. Nathan Hoida 37:20:15