unnamedThe Drapac Professional Cycling team is now fueled by First Endurance so the riders can maximize their performance and recover faster than ever before.

“To have First Endurance join the team as our hydration and protein partner is a significant plus for the performance of the riders. Their EFS-Pro is a unique product on the market & will play a critical role in race but also ensuring the guys are maximally hydrated. The Ultragen protein will provide a significant boost to our post race recovery protocols,” Keith Flory, Sports Performance Director, said.

With a 10-month race calendar for 2016, Drapac Cycling riders have diverse racing needs for hydration and recovery. First Endurance, with its emphasis on research delivers products formulated for the training and racing required by these world-class riders.

American Gavin Mannion believes in the First Endurance products for recovery and hydration.

“I finish most warm training rides coated in a crust of salt so having 1400mg of electrolytes per serving keep me hydrated and cramp free no matter how long or intense the training session. Ultragen is the best tasting and effective recovery drink I have used. I’m a pretty big coffee fan and love finishing a ride with coffee so the cappuccino flavor gives me the nutrition I need and the flavor I crave. The simple ingredients in Ultragen mean that the carbs and proteins are digested rapidly and don’t sit in my gut like some heavier recovery drinks. Having a drink that I look forward to after training means that I’m going to use it on a daily basis and recover better between each workout allowing me to train harder and more effectively,” Mannion said.

Drapac Professional Cycling took the win in the Teams Classification at the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic in Australia to kick off the 2016 season. With the hot temperatures of Australian summer, First Endurance products are a critical component of the nutrition of Drapac Cycling.

“We race in a wide variety of conditions from the extreme heat in Abu Dhabi and Australia through to the cold in European spring and it is great to know we have a hydration partner who can best cater for our broad needs,” Jonathan Breekveldt, General Manager, added.