Through this specific blog and our VIP Newsletter our customers are able to stay well informed on a wide range of endurance nutrition topics. This year alone we covered recovery, fueling for Ironman, digestive enzymes, sugar, cortisol, amino acids, beta glucan and a host of other topics. Our unsung heroes that bring you this unbiased, clinically referenced nutrition research is our Endurance Research Board.

Eric Heiden, MD
Jeffrey J. Rocco, MD
Patricia Rosen MD, PH
Kris Walker MD
Alex McDonald MD
Loukia Lili-Williams PhD
Matt Hanson EdD, ATC
Neal Henderson, MS CSCS

The directive of the Board is to research nutrition topics and write a review stating what the clinical research states. It is this open-ended review of the topic that helps formulate our products and ensure what we are building matches the latest research. We don’t chase fads, we chase research.

One of our most active researchers is Loukia-Lili Williams. An immigrant from Greece who was told she was not smart enough or talented enough to succeed. Her video tells a different story. Loukia’s captivating account of how she came to be a successful scientist and athlete mirrors so much of what we do here at First Endurance and we are very proud and honored to work with her.