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PC: Paul Nelson

As we head into the 2018 season, First Endurance is proud to continue to support a small but powerful ultra running team consisting of 7 talented athletes.

The 7-member team is full of experience. Collectively these 7 athletes set numerous Fastest Known Times, Course Records, ultra wins, made their mark in the Guinness Book of World Records, authored books, race direct, mentor and coach budding young athletes and teams while they manage jobs and families. They also provide an invaluable source of feedback following grueling hours of training and day long races while consuming First Endurance products.

We take great pride in having long standing relationships with our athletes – exemplifying reciprocal respect and commitment.

Returning for his 15th year on the team, we welcome back Karl Meltzer who has been utilizing the First Endurance nutrition system since 2004. Meltzer, otherwise known as Speedgoat, is the winningest 100-miler on earth. Outside of setting course records and winning ultras, Speedgoat is an ultramarathon coach, the Race Director for the Speedgoat50, and holds a World Record for 230 golf holes played in 12 hours! In 2016, on his 3rd attempt he set a speed record on the Appalachian trail. Meltzer has won a 100 mile race every year for 17 years in a row and said “One 100 mile win for each year after the millenium…..” so we expect to see him toeing the line of a 100 mile race again soon to keep the streak alive in 2018.

Darcy Piceu continues to quietly and consistently win races, set course records and FKT’s, year after year. Last year she set the Fastest Known Time on the John Muir Trail. With a lengthy list of ultra course records and wins to her name, Piceu has already picked up an early season win at the HURT 100 miler last month. In addition to training for ultras, Piceu manages her time running a business and getting out for plenty of adventures with her daughter.  2018 is Darcy’s 12th year on the First Endurance Team and we look forward to see what this season brings for her. “First Endurance has been a huge part of my running over the years. With the best recovery and training products, my body is able to endure intense training weeks and 100 mile races. Often times when I am out on a long training run, I crave my post-run Cappuccino-flavored Ultragen. It has allowed me to train and race at a professional level by helping me recover more quickly”. 

Krissy Moehl has been a highly respected name in the world of ultra running for 18 years. Krissy was first introduced to First Endurance through Karl Meltzer in 2007 via a serving of Meltzer’s go-to, Ultragen, and has been fueling herself with First Endurance products ever since while racking up notable performances. Krissy is also the Race Director for the Chuckanut 50k and wrote an ultramarathon training guide book, Running Your First Ultra. Krissy is off to a quick start this season winning the Sean O’Brien 50 miler as a warm up before heading to China in March for the Gaoligong 165km by UTMB.

In his 5th year on the team, Jacob Puzey, is a soon to be father of 6, runs a one-on-one performance coaching business, co-directs the TranSelkirks Run, and gets plenty of treadmill time during the cold Alberta winters. Jacob is the 2016 and 2017 50k ultra Canadian Champion, set the 50-mile World Record on a treadmill, and has numerous wins and course records in ultra marathons.

Dr. Tommy Rivers Puzey has had great success mixing it up between road marathons, ultra trail racing and back to back stage racing. Since becoming a First Endurance athlete, he has won the Arizona Rock & Roll marathon back to back, the Transrockies 6-day solo event, the Sedona Marathon title and competed for Team USA on the Gold medal winning 50km Trail World Championships. Joining the team in late 2016, Dr.Puzey said

“Incorporating First Endurance into my nutrition has been incredibly transformative. It has become an absolutely necessary part of my daily routine. No other product has proven more effective in keeping me primed during competition and aiding in recovery afterwards.”

Ty Draney is back in action in his 5th year on the team. Following a season recovering from injury when Ty remained heavily involved in the sport – coaching the high school track and field team, running his coaching business and race directing for his El Vaquero Loco races –Ty is excited to be lining up and jumping back in to racing this season. Ty has won and set course records on the Scout Mountain 35k, the Pocatello 50k, the Grand Teton 100 and also won the Bear 100 ultra trail race.

In his second season with First Endurance, Calum Neff looks to continue to build upon his unique and diverse race resume. Neff holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest half & full marathon pushing a stroller, is a member of the Canadian National Mountain Ultra Trail Running Team, twice won the Wings for Life World Run in Florida and setting a CR there last year, set a course record at the Creemore Vertical Challenge 50km, 2nd in the Houston Half road Marathon and won the 125km Canadian Death Race.

We’re excited to be welcoming back these 7 athletes and look forward to the continued collaboration towards our evolving product line.