Cameron Dye PodiumCameron Dye was victorious in the Olympic distance Des Moines Triathlon, formerly Hy-Vee Triathlon, on September 6, 2015 winning by a margin of over 2 minutes.

Blowing up the lake swim with super swimmer Davide Giardini, the pair opened up a gap of over a minute on the 3rd place competitor. Accomplishing Dye’s goal to go hard from the gun on the swim to get a lead to cushion the run from some of the faster runners competing on the day proved to be an effective plan.

The technical and tough bike course suited Dye well “the bike is a tough course with some rollers and technical corners which allow the better riders to really carry their speed, and it is a one loop bike so it allows for the person in the front to get out of sight “. With a race best ride of 52:21 Dye set himself up to hold off the faster runners and commented “I was able to have a great swim and really separate the field in the water, and then I was able to take advantage of my strength on the bike and the tough course and really get a good time gap on the quality runners in the field. Coming out of T2 I knew I had more than 2 minutes to the better runners so I just needed to focus on my run, stay hydrated in the ridiculous humidity and get to the line in one piece.”

The run course traveled through downtown Des Moines where there was little breeze to offset the heat. Dye commented “It was a very hot and humid day in Des Moines, so I really focused on getting in a lot of EFS-PRO both the night before and the morning of the race to make sure I started off well hydrated, and then I just really focused on taking in both of my bottles on the bike so I wasn’t starting the run in any kind of deficit.” Despite strong runs from competitors like Jason West with a 32:38 split, Dye had carved out enough of a lead heading into the run and the First Endurance triathlete crossed thein 1:47:48.

“Sometimes things just come together like you hope and this was one of those races. I was really gunning to finally put together a good 3 part race in Des Moines and it was very gratifying to be able to do that.”

Des Moines Triathlon, September 6, 2015

1) Cameron Dye 1:47:48
2) TJ Tolllakson 1:49:53
3) Gregg Bennett 1:50:21