Lauren Goss IM703 Silverman WinFollowing a quick turnover from her recent win in Beijing, Lauren Goss pulled out another win, her 5th this season to be exact, at Ironman 70.3 Silverman in the scenic desert venue of Las Vegas.

Blustery conditions in Lake Mead were far from ideal for Goss who found herself further behind than anticipated with the second fastest swim time, 1:35 back from the leader Lauren Branden.

Settling into a conservative pace on the bike, Goss planned to take it easy on the hilly bike course and shuffled positions but pulled into T2 feeling strong in 5th place. “The goal was to feel good getting off the bike and ready to run a fast half marathon on an extremely difficult course.  Even with the heat and slower course I kept my nutrition similar to other 70.3 races. I had 160 calories of EFS-PRO before the swim, 500 calories of EFS-PRO on the bike with 1 additional bottle of water, and I took a sip of EFS Liquid Shot every mile on the run.”

Goss strategized perfectly on what she calls “the hardest run course I have ever done” having maintained a conservative effort on the challenging bike course to set herself up to finish strong on the run. 8 miles into the run, Goss found the front of the field and was able to “enjoy the rest of the run”. Posting the fastest run time of the day, 1:23:02, Goss cruised to victory with over 4 minutes to spare on 2nd place Lendway. Remarking on the race and her performance Goss commented “Silverman 70.3 is a great event- organized and challenging.  Obviously, I am beyond happy to execute my plan and get the win.  I really was unsure of how my body would respond after a lot of recent travel, minimal training, and a few nights seeing 2am.”

Ironman 70.3 Silverman

1 Lauren Goss 4:31:46
2 Heather Lendway 4:36:09
3 Nikki Butterfield 4:37:14
4 Lauren Brandon 4:42:18
5 Jeannie Seymour 4:44:31