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screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-21-17-pmA competitive field of 14 professional women lined up to battle it out in the historic city of Cartagena, Colombia on a notably hot & humid day.

The six top women finished the swim with a little over a 1-minute spread of one another with First Endurance athletes Lauren Goss leading the way in 25:47 and Jeanni Seymour in 6th place, one minute 8 seconds back in 26:55.

Powerful riding by Jeanni Seymour put her in control at the front of the race by the end of the bike earning the fastest ride on the day, 2:44 ahead of Lauren Goss who was second off the bike followed by Sarah Cameo, 4:46 further back.

Early on the run Jeanni Seymour, who was leading the women’s race, was misdirected along with the professional men. After Seymour was misdirected, IRONMAN course officials corrected their error and the remainder of the women were sent in the correct direction on the run.

Seymour and Goss were the top athletes on the day. This was the final race of the season for both athletes as they look forward to a successful 2017 season.