Research is at the core of First Endurance product development. We are driven by a desire to ensure our products are proven to enhance endurance performance by an ongoing scouring of peer reviewed scientific clinical studies followed by a process that brings great products to market. Our Endurance Research Board is constantly reviewing all relevant endurance nutrition data so we remain at the forefront of the latest research. Pertinent new research findings are available to you through our VIP newsletters. Using our high standard for scientific validation, development and testing, we have established First Endurance as the premier endurance nutrition research company in the industry.


In 2002, we launched Optygen. A product that had no equal and no competition as it was the first endurance nutritional product to target cortisol in athletes training at a high level. Optygen was born due to peer reviewed clinical studies, not because we were chasing a trend or trying to knock off a competitor. Optygen was, and still is, supported by over 50 clinical studies. The meta-analysis of these studies proved Optygen’s effectiveness as a product, but that was not sufficient. Real world data is what we were really after, so it was important we took the clinical data and established a system to test our products further. Every First Endurance product in the market today went through a series of steps to ensure it works as advertised.


Step #1: more than just data

Researchers know that any single study can have flaws in its design that can skew results. All studies are important, and all offer a piece of evidence that is important to the understanding of a nutrient and how it works. A single study with promising results will always follow with subsequent studies that change one or more variables in order to better understand the mechanism of how the nutrient works. Often the dose, timing, subjects or study design is changed. Sometimes a subsequent study finds no effective results, which does not necessarily mean the nutrient does not work. It may mean that a change in design, dose or activity may be in order. The changes in variables of all subsequent studies help define the understanding of a nutrient and how it works. Without these subsequent studies we can’t really know or understand the benefits of a nutrient. At First Endurance, we don’t rely on a single study; we like to see an established group of studies with progression before we have the confidence to even consider the ingredient and the claims we can make about that ingredient.


Step #2: synergy greater than its parts

Very few consumer products are based on a single ingredient. Typically combining ingredients allows nutrients to work better than stand-alone ingredients. When good clinical data is established, we quickly get to work to see if there is synergy with other nutrients. Sometimes we can find this in clinical studies that look at ingredient combinations. Sometimes it’s a core understanding of human physiology, how the body works and what systems are affected. We can always find nutrient combinations that have established synergies.


Step #3:  development of formula:

The new ingredient then gets developed or included into one of our current formulas or built around an entirely new formula. We prefer to keep our product line concise and powerful and  look first to see where the data or mechanism of action best fits into one of our current products. We work with our manufacturing scientists to develop a prototype of this new product.


Step #4: testing real world data

The new prototype formula gets put into the hands of our team of professional athletes, their feedback is a very important component of our testing and development. The reason why, is better understood by scientists than layman. Professional athletes track all their data and minimize extraneous variables. They have years of history showing their power, heart rate, functional threshold, etc.   They eat, sleep and train on a very regimented schedule. Though not as controlled as a lab setting, they offer a level of control that is far superior to our typical customer. Our professional athletes can decipher a difference in their training or performance almost immediately. If they don’t feel it, they can certainly track it. If our athletes did not find benefit with our newest prototype product, we go back to the drawing board.


We then scale-up our testing by making a larger batch. It’s entirely possible we make a slight adjustment based on what we learned from our professional athletes. This larger batch is then offered exclusively to our ambassadors and VIP customers as a prototype new formula. These customers also get queried for feedback so we can see if what the professional athletes experienced also extrapolates to real world customers.


Step #5: A First Endurance product is born

It’s not until all these steps are approved that we launch a product. At any point a product can be stopped due to adverse effects, or data that is not effective. By the time a product is available to the general public, over 1,000 athletes have tried, tested and offered feedback on the product.

Because nutrition data is so critical to our process, we do not systematically launch products.  At times we may go years before we launch a product. Some years we will launch two or more products. This is simply the nature of nutrient research.  Our high standard of appropriate and supportive clinical data will remain the driving force behind our product development.