Updated for 2020

As a race day advantage, the benefits of using PreRace are obvious.  What you may not know, however, is that using PreRace while training is where you’ll benefit the most.

“Took one use for us to become believers.”

Basic physiology principals are used in everyday training.  Research shows that systematically pushing your body past its normal limit, recovering and then doing it again forces your body to adapt to this new pace or output.   Your body adapts by repairing torn muscle tissue, increasing mitochondria, increasing vascularization and various other physiological adaptations.   You become faster and can handle longer and more demanding workouts.    This is the basis for all training.

Warning:  Start with half the recommended dose to assess your tolerance.  Not intended for use by personsunder the age of 18.

How PreRace works:

PreRace ‘stimulates’ several systems in your body which allow you to push beyond your normal limits. While caffeine alone is great, PreRace delivers other key ingredients that work synergistically to improve mental focus, prolong time to exhaustion and increase maximum workload.

PreRace contains Quercetin, a plant derived flavanol which potentiates the effects of caffeine.  Quercetin has also been shown to increase energy via mitochondria stimulation.  It’s also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.   In addition, PreRace delivers L-Taurine to increase cardiac output by improving stroke volume in the heart.  Essentially, the heart is able to pump more blood with more powerful contractions.   PreRace also contains a clinically effective dose of Citrulline Malate because it’s a powerful nitric oxide booster.  Stimulating nitric oxide causes your blood vessels to vaso-dilate, so they become larger.  Larger blood vessels allow for more blood to be pumped through your body which, in turn, delivers more oxygen to your working muscles.   Plus, PreRace also contains a powerful neuro-stimulant blend of catechins, DMAE and Theobromine to help you stay focused.


1) Increases energy & workout Capacity

2) Improves cardiac output

3) Stimulates nitric oxide to deliver more oxygen

4) Improves Focus & mental energy

PreRace Clinical Study

South Dakota State University conducted an independent study on PreRace to determine its effectiveness on cycling endurance.  The double-blind placebo controlled study used seven trained cyclists and had them go to exhaustion in a 40K Time Trial.  Each cyclist performed two 40K TT’s to exhaustion.  For the first time trial, cyclist consumed either a placebo or PreRace mixed with one serving of EFS 30 minutes prior to doing a 40K TT.  One week later, each cyclist would switch the protocol and receive the opposite of what he/she received the previous week.


-The PreRace trial was 3′ 20″ faster in a 40k TT than without

-The PreRace group increased their watts by 15

-The PreRace group had an increase in work output

-There was no significant change in heart rate

-There was no significant increase in RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

NOTE: What’s most impressive is that performance and watts increased significantly yet there was no change to heart rate or rate of perceived exertion.


Now that you understand how PreRace works, you can use it to your advantage. Use PreRace in one really difficult workout each week to help you to push past your normal limits.   Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover from this intense effort before your next demanding workout or race.  Train hard, recover harder.

RaceDay Recommendation: 

  • For training or racing that lasts three hours or less:  Consume PreRace 15-45 minutes beforehand.
  • For training or racing  that lasts longer than three hours:  In this scenario, athletes must decide how best to dose PreRace.  Some athletes can handle stimulants over many hours, some can’t.  Athlete who are more sensitive to stimulants should consider using PreRace sparingly, maybe only in the last hour of the training session or race.

PreRace Powder vs PreRace capsules

This is more a matter of preference than anything else.   For some, adding PreRace powder to their during-exercise drink (like EFS) is ideal.   Many like to put a scoop in the EFS Liquid Shot flask. For others, capsules are more convenient. In the end it comes down to personal preference.

NOTE: PreRace powder gets absorbed faster than the capsules. A serving of PreRace powder delivers 5.5 grams while a serving of PreRace capsules is only 3 capsules or 2.095 grams. PreRace powder delivers more than double the active ingredients than PreRace capsules.